Russians are world obscurantists

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    Russians are world obscurantists

    Truman and Bandera are allies

    Western intelligence joyfully embraced Bandera and his supporters when the Cold War broke out ("Ukrainian emigration to Germany, Austria, France, Italy is mostly a healthy, uncompromising element in the fight against Bolshevism," the American military intelligence agent noted 1947), the long-term prospects of the movement did not seem too promising - especially after the Soviet agent managed in 1959 to slip past Bandera’s guards in Munich and kill him with a bullet fueled cyanide.

    Stalin and Putin are losers

    Russians love the agent who killed Bandera

    In Kiev, 13% of Russians
    Onufry in Kiev claims the unity of the UOC

    Kievans will never be saved from Moscow?

    although I’m Russian by mom
    but dad jew

    My surname is Ukrainian-Jewish

    Almost all of Russia justified Stalin
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    The russkis….or vatnik or moskalis as I like to call them, cannot differentiate between fiction and fact those two dimensions have morphed into one in their minds.....Russkis love their butchers, in fact they embrace them, and in fact demand that they get butchered as such. The moskali possess the Asian gene for treachery and deception, they are not European, nor do they have any connection to being European.

    Russkis aren't capable of their futures, as evident of their foreign rulers, Koba, Kathy, Leninka, Pete, Kruschevka, even Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf russkis weren't capable of their destiny.
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    Stalin represents several ideas and results which are respected by russians.
    1. Social justiness. Stalin made a policy which helped the poor to survive. The last hungers in russian history happened and were eliminated under Stalin's rule. Do you find it unnatural to respect a person who eliminated a question of choice between life and death and set a question about level of living?
    2. Victory. Stalin made a lot of mistakes but still it was him at the head of USSR which crushed nazist Germany. It was also a matter of life and death for all the people and Stalin appeared to be the winner. People respect it.
    3. Development. There is a popular saying that Stalin inherited Russia with a wooden plough and left it with a nuclear bomb... These words are often seen to belong to Churchil, but whoever said or didn't say that was right to some extent. USSR had a period of boosting development under Stalin.

    4. This I am not sure. But it seems to me that Khruschev who blamed Stalin of too many crimes and the final collapse of ideology blaming Stalin revived Stalin's personality for the respect of the people. The people like the ones who are blamed and turn to be victorious at the end of the story.

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