Singapore: Elderly should be given free e-scooter try outs ASAP.

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    Elderly should be given free e-scooter try outs ASAP.

    And national silver academy should have e-scooter courses for elderly ASAP.

    My analysis is that the Bedok auntie Mdm Ong Bee Eng who died after her bicycle collided with PMD. Auntie is as much as fault as the errant PMD rider for not looking out for each other (despite riding her bicycle around for 30 years) (she is unfamiliar about how dangerous e-scooter can be and how food delivery riders are always in a hurry and the e-scooter was on bicycle path for 'express travel'.

    (drawings is what I gathered happened from my Google research effort)

    She should have looked out for the e-scooter travelling along bicycle path with the same conscientiousness as if she were crossing a road (just like when crossing road ahead of her, vz zebra crossing and look out for cars).

    My point is that the elderly in Singapore really need to upgrade their knowledge / awareness about technology: know how to use handphone, know how to use e-scooter or at least know what it is all about (how powerful, can the rider handle), otherwise, they will always be in trouble where ever they go and soon, they will not even dare to go outdoors at all, because the whole world has now become so unfamiliar and scary to them.

    Just as the younger generation need to look out for the elderly, the elderly also have to be updated and aware of the new gadgets that the younger generations are using.

    Maybe Temasek foundation needs to pay younger generations to teach the elderly about available new technology. Host handphone and e-scooter lessons/ clinics for elderly etc so that the elderly do not get literally or figuratively killed by new technologies.
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