Smearing Tulsi Gabbard

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    The mainstream media is owned and funded by the same elite groups that buy our elections. Several MSM journalists have been exposed as CIA collaborators. MSNBC now openly employs former top CIA and Pentagon officials as analysts. Journalist's careers also depend on maintaining access to official sources. The media is trying to sell audiences to advertisers and therefore the content they produce will naturally try to appeal to more affluent sectors of the society.

    This is the context in which people consume mainstream news and opinion. Including how candidates running for President are portrayed.

    Tulsi Gabbard's campain has the establishment terrified. She's vowing to end US imperialism in all its forms. Almost in panic, the corporate media is now smearing her as a Manchurian candidate.

    The latest is from NBC News, which bases its article on a source that had already been discredited by the New York Times, ironically.

    Nevertheless, the Morning Joe propagandists had Tulsi on and used the same article to attack her for opposing US regime efforts in Syria, Venezuela, and elsewhere. Big mistake.

    Joe Rogan dismantles New York Times propagandist Barry Weiss for repeating b.s. about Tulsi she heard from people in her neoliberal bubble. BW called Tulsi a toadie and didn't even know what the word meant. They had to look it up in the dictionary.

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    The DNC is far too rotten, as has already been demonstrated by the leaked materials and emails.

    Therefore, an honest and excellent candidate like Gabbard will be suppressed, a pity. We have the government we deserve.

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