Smoking the toad

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    "After multiple combat tours as a Navy SEAL, Marcus Capone tried talk therapy. Brain-injury clinics. Prescription drugs. Nothing worked to ease his crippling depression and anxiety.

    Then he smoked the venom of the Sonoran desert toad.

    “I saw why they call this the ‘God molecule’ after I got a full central nervous system reset,” said Mr. Capone, 45, who now runs a nonprofit with his wife helping hundreds of other Special Operations veterans access toad medicine.

    But in a sign of the unintended consequences of the psychedelic resurgence, scientists are warning that the scramble by users to obtain the toads — involving poaching, over-harvesting and illegal trafficking in arid expanses straddling the border with Mexico — could trigger a collapse in Sonoran desert toad populations."

    Not new news, DMT was around in the 70s, mostly the synthetic. It's very strong, I never tried it for that reason. Things can get really bad with a large dose. It's not something I ever thought would get a resurgence in popularity.
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