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    1st I belive all politicians are corrupt in one form or another and have lost touch with the people, they say what they think people want to hear to get elected. It might be thier true belief it might not be who knows. An honest politician would be refreshing. what would be an honest politician?

    One that says what he believes and sticks to it when elected, for an example I will say what I believe as if I was running for office.

    Good Morning my Name is Jamie

    I am pro life I do not believe we have the right to decide who lives and dies. Only God does

    Marriage is between a man and woman if God intended man to be with man or woman to be with woman then why did he create man and woman if this was the case thier would be no need for 2 diffrent sexes.

    if you spend more than you earn you have 2 choices cut your spending or increase your income
    the gov. spends more than they earn so you either cut spending or increase income, for gov cut spending would be the way to go and here is why.

    the gov has many programs that are no longer running but money is still going to those programs so what is the money being used for?
    cut some or all of the funding for those programs that will help a little bit,also all of the politicians recieve free health insurance we as taxpayers pay for that cut all the free health benefits on politicians and make them go get thier own they be more apt to know what the common american is going thru and that will free up a tremdous amount of cash to get the deficit down.

    Name one business that the gov is running that has been profitable. name just one? private sector run businesses 10 times better than the Gov.

    now some say tax the rich. here is why I do not think that will work, The rich create jobs for us( for a lack of a better term ) "general people"" if taxes are cut they create more jobs and bring the unemployment down, if taxes are raised they keep what they have and do not hire any more for they need to save thier money to pay taxes in turn us general people dont have a good income so we cut back as well and dont spend as much, which in turn hurts the economy.

    If I was running I would say these are my beliefs if you agree vote for me if not vote for the other guy.

    The gov. needs to cut spending to balance the budget.

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