Statues, Bombs, & Propaganda of the Deed

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    Noting the outrage from the left, over statues, flags, history, & a desire to 'fundamentally transform' America into a socialist nanny state, i could not help but notice the similarities between these acts, & similar ones from the past.

    Included IN this repetition of history, or at least the rhymes, are some tidbits of history i find to be both ironic & pertinent.
    1. Alfred Nobel, the founder of the 'Nobel Peace Prize', was the inventor of dynamite, which has killed more people in bombs & heavy artillery than gunpowder.
    2. After dynamite was invented, in the mid 1800s, it became the method of choice, for the ideologue, activist, terrorist, & disenchanted sociopath.
    3. The perpetrators of these acts claim to promote peace, but all they do is destroy & kill.
    4. New York City has a monument to Nobel in Theodore Roosevelt park. It has not been disturbed, to my knowledge.[​IMG]
    5. Dynamite was used in the 'May Day Red Terror Plot', in 1919, where mail bombs were sent off en masse to various recipients.
    6. 'The Thinker', a statue by Rodin, was the target of the Weather Underground, a left wing radical group, who bombed it in 1970. Thinking, evidently, is not an approved activity, for leftist radicals.[​IMG]
    7. The then secretary of the Navy, Franklin Roosevelt, was nearly killed when a bomb targeting the house of AG Mitchell Palmer exploded.[​IMG]
    8. Almost all of the bombings by 'terrorists' (before the islamists took over that activity), were marxist/anarchist sympathizers.
    9. These anarchist/marxists were very successful, in promoting 'The Propaganda of the Deed', for a while:
    • 1881: the assassination of Russian Tsar Alexander II, by the group Narodnaya Volya
    • 1894: the assassination of the French president Marie-Francois Sadi Carnot
    • 1894: Bombing of Greenwich Observatory in London
    • 1901: the assassination of American president William McKinley in September 1901, by an anarchist, Leon Czolgosz.
    Now, we have a new generation of Marxists, cranked out regularly from progressive Indoctrination centers, who think they are 'new!' and 'cutting edge' in their words, thoughts, & deeds. But they are not. They merely rhyme with the destructors of old, & only present the same old repackaged, worn out slogans, & unoriginal violence.
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    And they are copies of those before them. The human doesn't change only it's technology does.

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