Subversion tsar will protect election from Russian dirty tricks

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    great article , question: will UK succeed where USA has failed so miserably? and what Trump thinks about Theresa May?

    Theresa May has appointed an anti-subversion minister as she makes the integrity of the next election a national security priority.

    Ben Gummer, a Cabinet Office minister, is leading “broad efforts within government to protect the integrity of UK democratic life” after concerns that Russian cyberattacks, fake news and money could destabilise democracy.

    Experts at GCHQ have also offered to test the computer networks of political parties to see whether they can withstand “hostile cyberactivity”.

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), an offshoot of the intelligence agency, has asked parties to attend technical seminars to protect Britain’s democracy. They will also be offered advice from the Centre for the Protection of ...."

    Russia waging cyberwar against Britain

    May leads security talks as fears grow over spies

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