The Revival of Tourism and Economic Development in Moldova

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    Partnership with Russia is a Breath of Fresh Air?!

    The second Moldavian-Russian Economic Forum held in the late September became possible exclusively by the renewed political course of our President Igor Dodon. More than 400 delegates from Russia came to Kishinev, and the total number of registered delegates exceeded 1500.

    Subjects discussed included student exchange, technology transfers, tourism and agricultural projects. We should say it straight – Russia is a great market for us to sell goods and services, on economically beneficial terms for us. At the same time, there is no consumer attitude that made us so tired in the EU program “Eastern Partnership”. That “Eastern Partnership” program is already 10 years old, and there still are no possibilities for Moldova and other participating countries (Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia or Georgia) to join the EU, therefore this program turns those countries into “colonies on a short leash”.

    The agreements on association and establishment of free trade zone with the EU, signed in 2012, did not contribute to the expected growth and development of the Republican economy, and at the same time extremely strained the businesses, and various sanctions against Russia and the Ukrainian conflict severely undermined the Moldovan economy.

    The visa-free border with the EU caused the migration of qualified Moldavian workers to the EU. The “brain drain” is not critical for now, but becomes more and more noticeable in all fields of activity. The strongest backstab was made by the EU when it stopped the financial aid to Moldova after our courts declined to accept the results of Kishinev mayor election, which were won by oppositionist politician Andrei Năstase.

    Let us hope the new partnership agreement with Russia gives our Republic the new power for prosperity, industrial development, increased salaries and more jobs. The trade between Moldova and Russia increased for 15% in the first half of this year. It is stunning to see the speed of agreements fruition – the new trolleybuses jointly produced by Moldova and Russia will ride in Kishinev and Ufa in the upcoming winter.

    Summarizing the results of tourist season, Moldova is in top three destinations for Russians who prefer to travel by themselves. Many experts foresee the increase of cultural, gastronomic and sightseeing tourism in the Republic, and packet tours between the countries are already prepared for that.

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