The role of Black hand organization in the start of WW1

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    Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis leader of Black hand was also chief of Serbian Military Intelligence. Government of Nikola Pašić was afraid of strong Black hand organization. Apis was between the leaders of 1903 military coup in Serbia against king Alexander Obrenović. In 1916 Nikola Pašič, who considered Dimitrijević a potential threat, accused Dimitrijević and the Black Hand of treason and Dimitrijević was executed by firing squad in June 1917. In justifying the executions, Prime Minister Pašić wrote to his envoy in London:"...Dimitrijević (Apis) besides everything else admitted he had ordered Franz Ferdinand to be killed. And now who could reprieve them?''

    What Apis himself conffesed about his role in the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo 1914:

    Feeling that Austria was planning a war with us, I thought that the disappearance of the Austrian Heir Apparent would weaken the power of military clique he headed, and thus the danger of war would be removed or postponed for a while. I engaged Malobabić to organize the assassination on the occasion of the announced arrivaI of Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo. I made up my mind about this only when Artamanov [The Russian Military Attaché in Serbia] assured me that Russia would not leave us without protection if we
    were attacked by Austria. On this occasion I did not mention my intention for the assassination, and my motive for asking his opinion about Russia's attitude was the possibility that Austria might become aware of our activities, and use this as a pretext to attack us.
    Malobabić executed my order, organized and performed the assassination. His chief accomplices were in my service and received small payments from me. Some of their receipts are in the hands of the Russians, since got money for this purpose from Mr.
    Artamanov, as the General Staff of the Serbian Army did not have funds available for this increased activity".

    Dedijer, The Road to Sarajevo, 398. The whole statement of him i posted bellow in the link ''new evidence of the Sarajevo assassination''.

    We can see from his conffesion that also Russians were giving help to Black hand organization even if they knew that Austria might use the activity of the Black hand on its territory as a pretex for war. This fits with the position of communist Potemkin who wrote in his history of diplomacy that Black hand was involved in the killing of Franc Ferdinand as I mentioned before. Communist Potemkin had old Russian documents probably before him when he wrote such conclusion.

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