The Texts that show the truth ! Lots of Quid Pro Quo but lied about

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Quadhole, Oct 4, 2019.

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    This is how Trump rolls. In this situation of course he was blocking military aide to Ukra. Of course it is proved 99.9% that he was doing so. Just like Russia, just like all his business deals, just like how he treats everyone he comes in touch with, a conman, cheating fool trying to leverage and even when guilty. He lies and says it isnt true.
    His closets people cover for him, until they are fired, they then tell the truth and Trump calls them liars.
    How much more of this BS do you need to see to know he lies over and over again.
    The text messages show their was a HOLD on weapons until proof of investigation. Yet, his loyalist insist it isnt Quid Pro Quo even when acknowledging the invest must start.
    It is absurd to believe anything else. Too bad republicans, their paid think tank workers that post here by the thousands continue to muddy the water.

    Anything, and I mean anything to cover for the PARTY. The right wing neocon. is now nothing short of a commie, a socialist for his own people, while running an autocracy in our faces. Handing the rich everything while stealing from the workers. They should all be put in jail for the REAL tyranny and corruption happening on the right. Further more, they are just filthy slimy white guys... with high cholesterol, over weight, and wear bad suits....
    Show up to chuch and pretend to be good people while pocketing money.
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    LOL, the dem clown show cherry picks text to release. Democrats don't want to release the Volker testimony at all, it would make them look like boobs.
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