Theories on Israel, Iran, Turkey and S.Arabia Foreign Relations

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    Anti-Hegenomic coalition is one of the most discussed subject in International Relations. In the Middle East the it is difficult to answer. "Which country is the "hegenomic power" in the reigon? The candidates are Israel, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia if we consider today's global military and political structure.

    To begin with, Israel with its well developped military industry, utilization of technology and global political support seems a little bit further among the countries mentioned above. It has also powerful intelligence institutions like Mossad which can operate globally. Israel today has the ability to manufacture its own battle tanks "Merkava" and combat aircrafts planes like Kfir. Not only in military but also in other manufacturing industries and agriculture new technologies are adopted by many Israeli companies. In global issues it ahs also economical and political support from the USA. The negative aspect for Israel is energy resources. Today Israel lacks its own oil and gas resources and a great portion of these materials are being imported.

    Second country which can be most powerful rival to Israel is Turkey. Following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey today has strong industry and military. Many different raw materials and end-products can be produced today and the GDP of the country especially in the last 10 years increased drastically. Turkey has plans to produce it own battle tank "Altay" and "TAI" produces combat aircraft F-16s for a long time. Turkey like Israel lacks the oil and gas resources for its domestic industry use. Additionally, despite being a member of NATO, it also lacks a global political support.

    Iran and Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has natural resources like oil and gas and they are the biggest exporters of these material. Iran comparing to S.Arabia seems like having a stronger military power. It has rocketry technology and able to manufacture ballistic missiles with small and mid range. Not like Israel and Turkey but it has also developing industry. Today Iran has its own brand cars for middle class usage. Saudi Arabia on the other hand also has military and political support from the USA.

    During the famous six-day war we have noticed an anti-hegenomic coalition between the Arab countries against Israel. Also same had happened against Turkey between Iran and Syria durign the Cold War especially. Middle East today has changing dynamics and the definition of "new coalitions" is very necessary.
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    There are only 3 countries that can be considered a regional power in the Middle east. Egypt, Turkey and Iran. Of those I would say Turkey is currently the main power in every term of the word. Political, economic, military and cultural power, Turkish influence goes from Europe, through the Mediterranean to the India Ocean and East to Russia and Pakistan. They are the regional power.

    Isreal is a very important country for outside powers, but in the Middle east itself it would have been crushed by now without British and American aid against the USSR and Arab force. It is just to small to challenge the militaries of Egypt, Iran or Turkey and doesn't have the influence.

    Saudi Arab is the same, just it is Muslim and has a great deal of influence along with other Gulf states. I would say it is a secondary power in the region along with Syria and Iraq.

    Egypt is like Turkey in that it controls an international water way, so it is vital for trade. This has meant it has came under attack from foreign powers who wanted to control the Suez Canal and has weakened Egypt along with defeats to Israel and internal conflict between the Muslims and Christians, it has the protential to do great things, but is holding itself back always seeking the easy road with foreign backers.

    Lastly Iran is one of the least secure countries in the region, however it has a core group which is able to keep it together. It is threatened by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey so it must try and counter balance the countries so it comes out on top. For a while their it looked like Iran had it sorted, but the Arab's have came back to stop their rise in Syria and Iraq, which has put Iran back a long way. So now it looks to change it's strategy creating good relations with Pakistan and trying to improve relations with the foreign backers of the Arabs, to try and regain the position it had about 5 year ago.

    So in closing the US is the main power in the region and whoever it backs comes out on top.
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    The Suez is not longer as important as it once was.. Its small and was out of commission for 7 years.

    Israel has NO hegemony is the region.


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