Trump Saved Factories for Carrier, Apple, and Others, Jobs Go to Robots

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    from: Trump May Bring Home Apple, But He Can't Lick Robots

    JED GRAHAM 3/17/2017

    President Trump has visions of a massive Apple (AAPL) factory opening in the U.S. to churn out the latest iPhone. The idea is not completely far-fetched, but one thing seems clear: If it happens, most of the new jobs will go to robots.

    Even in lower-cost China, Foxconn, which assembles the iPhone there, reportedly replaced 60,000 workers with robots at one facility. That's more than half the facility's workforce. Foxconn says it is adding 10,000 "Foxbots" per year...

    ...Trump has vowed to rewrite or walk away from trade deals and cut corporate tax rates to level the playing field for U.S. companies. He told Congress on Feb. 28 that he'll "bring back millions of jobs."... automotive industry welder earned about $25 an hour, including benefits, while a robot could do the job for $8 an hour, including installation, maintenance and operating costs. The gap is expected to widen sharply as technology improves...

    ...Trump relentlessly bashed air conditioning company Carrier during the campaign for its plan to close an Indiana factory ... ... is getting $7 million in tax incentives from Indiana to stay, said it would invest $16 million to automate the factory "to drive the cost down."...

    ...Foxconn said in January that it's mulling a $7 billion highly automated factory for making displays

    ...maker of athletic shoes, which has long done its labor-intensive manufacturing out of China, Indonesia and Vietnam, last year piloted what it's calling a Speedfactory in Germany, making shoes almost entirely by robots...

    ...Nike (NKE), another ... ...Dow industrials component, and Under Armour (UAA) are both developing strategies for manufacturing in the U.S., close to their customers. It's a safe bet that robots will be doing most of the work... industry has been the biggest adopter of robotics...

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    Not to worry, the robots will all be "Made in U.S.A."
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    Robots to begin replacing teachers...
    'Inspirational' robots to begin replacing teachers within 10 years
    11 September 2017 • Robots will begin replacing teachers in the classroom within the next ten years as part of a revolution in one-to-one learning, a leading educationalist has predicted.
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    Are Progressives actually anti-progress?
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    " The former Master of Wellington College said programmes currently being developed in Silicon Valley will learn to read the brains and facial expressions of pupils, adapting the method of communication to what works best for them."

    Pure B.S.
    That type of technology does not yet exist....
    And how do you interpret complex facial expresions ?

    Or someone "making "comical faces" ?
    While computers are a (vital tool) very necessary part of education, you need human interaction and instruction, computers will not be able to understand or interpret too many human nuances.

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