Understanding what Ted Cruz did.

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    Ted Cruz seems to have a lot of supporters, but I wonder if they even understand what he did?

    Cruz - a vote for cloture is a vote to fund ObamaCare; votes for cloture

    "The Senate just voted 100 to 0, yes, unanimously, to proceed to debate on the continuing resolution. Senate Democrats will offer an amendment, under a simple majority vote, to strip out the House's Obamacare defunding language. They might also shorten the temporary funding by a month, to just Nov. 15, to come back and try to reverse the sequester on the next bite.
    All this could happen as quickly as Friday if Republicans were willing to give up debate time. It's likelier to happen Saturday, but could extend until Sunday if Republicans decide to drag it out. Either way, the House will have little time to react, as funding for this year runs out at midnight Monday, Sept. 30."

    So basically Ted stirred up the fire in the GOP TPers in the House, got them to put a rider on the budget to defund Obamacare, then when they pass it to the Senate, he, Ted Cruz, filibusters his OWN bill, then voted AGAINST his own bill!

    Is this the brilliant plan of the Tea Party champion? To make people think he was actually going to stop Obamacare, but then just use it to make the government waste time and money giving conservative the false hope of undoing the AHA? And this is going to help him run for President in 2016? LOL! I think his Canadian born problem will stop him at the front door on that, nevermind the limitations of TP support, which is not really a majority in this country.

    How long is it going to take the TPers to understand they have been had? Hahahahaha!:roflol::woot:

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