US campaign to infiltrate Huawei

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    1. U.S. government agents approached a Huawei worker at the person’s home, pressured some employees when they applied for American visas and masqueraded as a former employee as part of a campaign to turn people at the Chinese telecom giant into informants, the company alleged in an internal document written amid its crushing legal battle with the Trump administration.....

    2. It can be seen that the US is very determined to destroy the Chinese high-tech industry at all costs. It will only halt all its industrial sabotage and despicable acts until China is left with nothing except its textile and clothing industries.

    Using the "Psycho" analogy, we can get a clearer picture of the US high-pressure tactics:

    Looking across the negotiating table, or rather, the interrogation table, the Psycho asked: "Are you ready to surrender everything to me?"

    As the victim shook his head, the Psycho shouted angrily: "Why are you so stubborn!?"

    After the victim was led to a small window to look into another room, the Psycho repeated his demand: "Are you ready to surrender everything to me now?"

    The victim replied: "He is one of many children adopted by me from an orphanage. I won’t be intimidated to pay any ransom."

    The Psycho laughed: "Don't you notice that the cane that lands hard on his bottom is thicker this time?"

    Turning to his assistant, he said: "Go and convey my message that his adopted son has to be caned harder and harder!"

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