US wants “near term” results from trade talks

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    1. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Friday the United States wants “near term” results from U.S.-China trade talks in September and October but cautioned that the trade conflict could take years to resolve....

    He said on Fox Business Network that the September and October talks would cover all of the core issues in the dispute.

    “Everything will be on the table. You can rest assured, for example, the absolute key structural issues - the IP theft, the forced transfer of technology, the cyber space, the clouds, financial services, all of that will be on the table - agriculture purchases, industrial purchases, energy purchases, getting tariff and non-tariff barriers down,” Kudlow said....

    “When we don’t see results, we take additional actions,” Kudlow said. “On the other hand, if we do see results from these upcoming meetings, then progress will be made.”...

    2. The 18 months of so-called trade talks can be summed up by the following analogy:

    Whenever the victim was brought to the interrogation table, the interrogation always ended with the Psycho shouting angrily, "Why are you so stubborn!?"

    Finally after 18 months of interrogation, the victim yielded to the Psycho's demand for “near term” results by signing an agreement to transfer a few million dollars into the Psycho's bank accounts.

    After signing the agreement, the victim asked: "What is your commitment or concession? Can I keep all my teeth intact or you just extract only one tooth?"

    The Psycho laughed: "Yes, as a concession I shall delay cutting off your nose and ears." :xd:

    A large group of psychos could be heard shouting outside the doorway of the torture chamber: "Gouge out his eyes! Cut off his tongue! Flay him alive! Harvest his organs! Bleed him to death!"

    The Psycho said: "Well, you can hear what they are demanding. If you don't walk calmly and obediently to the dental chair now, they will drag me all the way there to extract all my teeth." :evil:

    P.S. Meanwhile, Kudlow is keeping everybody guessing what he meant by “near term” results.
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