Why a military?

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    What exactly is a military for, what are they protecting and against whom?

    As we see all Western Countries be flooded with mass immigration from around the world, clearly the rest of the world loves us. Exactly which peoples do we need to defend against?

    If we just give away our countries to whoever can get here whats the point of defending it?

    We see Obama's first response to cuts was to allow detainees free, its exactly what the left wants and you're a racist if you resist the multi cult, the self loathing cult of death. Its rather pointless to have a military to defend something you give away. One of the liberal mindset and thats all that matters these days, might say its racist or xenophobic to have a military.

    All thats left is to condition people to accept its no longer their country and accept what will be coming to them, much like the Romans got when their decaying empire opened the gates to all.


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