Yes, Russia is getting ready for war – in case US attacks, diplomat tells UN

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    Trump and Medium Range Missiles.
    Russian terminators are coming - 4:

    Trump's determination is a very necessary trait of character, and at the right time. -
    Earth Civilization is stands before a fork of history:
    - The path of democracy is life, the path of the Kremlin is death.

    Trump's determination is good character trait. -
    But it must be accompanied by insight, the ability to calculate the game.
    It must be balanced by judgment.

    Trump can really make America great again, but he can also destroy it.
    At his level, as the Russians say, you need to think 7 times, weigh everything before making decisions that affect the fate of the world.

    The Kremlin is violating the Medium-Range Missile Agreement, provoking, to achieve the following goals:
    1. Propaganda. - To present of the US as aggressor, rally Russians around the Kremlin.
    2. "Turbid up the water" policy, in which the Kremlin will beat Trump, who is already called the "Manchu candidate."

    The expansion of the Kremlin is multi-planned and un-limited, if only there is no simple and obvious evidence. -
    - Let the CIA see, the main thing that the Russian people did not see.
    Rockets are a red herring.
    The direction of the main strike is - "hybrid" attack.

    But Trump is not wise, like a puppet, being led by the rocket provocation, plays along for it.

    The resumption of the nuclear arms race, especially the most dangerous - medium-range missiles - is not the best move.
    The main danger of medium-range missiles is a short reaction time to escalation.
    - The "red line" of intergovernmental communication may simply not have time to react.
    The earth was very fortunate that in the 1980s, Petrovs ("the man who saved the world") parried the mistakes of machines and management.
    But, in the 2020s, this luck may not be repeated.
    In Russian technology is still characterized by unreliability.
    Bottom rockets in Chukotka will be even less reliable.

    There is no demand from the Kremlin - it survives. Perhaps in the physical sense.
    But US citizens must be accountable. - Today it depends on them - to be or not to be a civilization.

    Trump needs help. To overcome their own shortcomings - above all.
    1. Trump needs help to work on his goals.
    2. Trump needs help finding the best deal.
    One person cannot do this, and the institute of “advisers” is far from being optimal.

    The American entrepreneurial spirit is finding the best = most cost-effective solutions.
    Building up a nuclear weapon is not a profitable solution - today:
    1. The United States has an arsenal of more than enough for a "Pyrrhic victory".
    2. Medium-range missiles will create a high risk of nuclear war.
    3. Nuclear weapons are already outdated - expensive and inefficient.
    4. Nuclear weapons are more convenient - for centralized use, that is, for the Kremlin.
    5. It will only help the Kremlin — by Trump’s hands — to eliminate the main problem — a dangerous and disturbing people.

    Optimal - the following moves:
    1. OneWeb - "Heavenly Internet", which Ros-Cosmos is trying to take control of.
    2. ZeroNet instead of DNS. - Using P2P networks for .bit links to variable IP sites. - 5 orders of magnitude cheaper, but more effective solution.
    3. The project of the Commonwealth micro-states "Free Russia". - Precedent of political demonopolization and competition.
    4. Briliant Pebbles. - Defense arms race - more sustainable.
    5. Network Micro rocket. - Non-lethal "weapon" of an individual level that can solve the problem of high mortality from firearms in the United States.
    6. The competitive system of inter-national, without intermediaries communication and elaboration:
    a. Search for unanimous people
    b. Easy creation of "forums" with the disabling of trolls - from below.

    The development of technology at the same time will reduce the severity of the crisis of 2020, also caused by the populist actions of Trump:
    1. Trump partially spoiled the financial sustainability mechanisms adopted after the 2008 crisis.
    2. Trump saved America $ 100 billion, but would take away $ 10 trillion from her, bringing down the economy. -
    In trade, Beijing is losing, but Trump will force him to change the US state debt for gold, purely out of necessity due to the crisis.

    If resuming the arms race, then - adequate:
    1. Democratic-oriented cybernetic. -
    At the same time to classify research on artificial intelligence like as the nuclear weapons.
    2. Democratic-oriented genetic. -
    Increased life expectancy and health of citizens.

    Because such an "arms race" corresponds to:
    1. To the Kremlin defiance.
    2. To the time, - technologies,
    3. To the threat, problem.
    4. Is more effective.
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    All the topics posted here by the Russian propagandists are stupid. No surprise there.
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    North Korea is not the reason for withdrawing from the treaty, since the blackmailer who has taken hostages does not care how many weapons the police have.
    Demagogues MIC understand that only 1 million micro-headphones that I offered can effectively influence the rulers.
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    "It leads humanity to death"
    Modern technologies of psychological influence by 2-3 orders of magnitude surpass what was previously studied in universities, even in the KGB Academy.
    Now the researchers have already started to create an artificial reproduction of the environment,
    But with these achievements, terrible things happen to humanity: the animal component comes to the fore, people become like animals, and managing such people becomes easy. The human life paradigm turns into a primitive and narrowly limited line, so they can be easily manipulated. Personal pocket, personal enrichment, car, cottage, voyages, food, sex - this drives a person, and it is easy to pull these threads.
    This is what leads humanity to death, to a global catastrophe.
    Psychic can help us in the development of new powerful and environmentally friendly technologies for food production, water purification and the natural environment, in the search and creation of new renewable energy sources.
    to understand each other more deeply and gives us new means of internal connection into a single community called humanity.
    But at the same time, this future can be bleak if psychic perception is used to gain power, out of greed, for deception or for psi-wars.
    The future is variable. No psychic can see the future of extrasensory perception itself.
    How it will be - depends only on us, on our current decisions and actions.

    "Trolleybus explosions in Moscow":
    When we reached the customer of these terrorist acts, the work was immediately stopped.
    Obviously, he was associated with high state structures.
    It was a political intrigue.

    However, our law enforcement and judicial system is so corrupt and imbued with the spirit of greediness that there are no words.
    A criminal who has money can buy any judge, investigator.
    "Secret psi-wars of Russia and America: from World War II to the present day"
    Authors: Victor Rubel
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    "Free Russia". - Project:
    This is a community of virtual micro-states "Free Russia".

    Purpose: Avoiding the threat of "Political singularity":
    Only 2 ways can be: either the rulers will be controlled by people, or people - by the rulers.
    And the fork in the road will be in the middle of the 21st century.
    Externally, the 2nd path will be completely safe, formally all democratic norms, human rights and freedoms will be respected.
    But in the end, after another 500 years, the 2nd path will lead to the death of Civilization.

    How will rulers control people?
    - Individually, continuously, - at a deep mental, subconscious level, - via the Internet, and all the information environment of a person;
    - With the help of "Controlled Logic" each person will make completely sovereign and independent, but - the required logical conclusions.

    But for each person not to put such a strong psychologist?
    - The development of IT, AI will replace psychologists.

    But what does Russia have to do with it?
    - Russia is in the forefront. It is quite possible that even its current rulers will be able to “keep the process under control,” even if with the help of “managed revolutions,” for the first time in history.
    And even in Britain, there are difficult-to-treat heart attacks, what then speak for Russia itself?
    And then humanity is divided into 2 types, even genetically.

    Therefore, it is for Russia that it is necessary to create a precedent of political demonopolization and competition.
    Leave the rapists and tax collectors alone - they rape each other’s way.
    And it's not about justice, but about survival.
    The trend of democratization has stopped now just before the main fork in history.

    Location: Options:
    1. Neutral waters in the economic zones in the Baltic Sea:
    Option: European countries that recognize.
    a. 55.5 °, 16.5 °
    b. 56 °, 19 °

    Not on the shipping route.
    For details, see: Project SETTLEMENT SEA (20 files).
    2. Territorial waters in the Baltic Sea:
    Option: European countries that recognize.
    a. Swedish MSP region,
    b. Fjord of norway
    3. The Sea of Azov:
    A place recognized by all countries as the former economic zone of Ukraine, or the current economic zone of Ukraine.
    45.9 °, 35.1 °
    4. Neutral waters in the economic zone of Japan:
    - Near the Kuril Islands in the Sea of Okhotsk.
    45.5 °, 145.2 °
    5. Former Enclave of the Bering Sea:
    57 °, 173.5 °
    Without fishing and mining.

    "-" Further from the centers of civilization.
    "-" Excitement more.
    "-" The climate is colder.
    6. Former Enclave of the Sea of Okhotsk:
    50.5 °, 149.5 °
    7. Svalbard.
    See: Svalbard Project.docx
    8. Greenland.
    - under Danish law, under the protection of Danish NGOs.
    For more details, see: Project Greenland Settlement (8 files).

    Status: Options for different micro-states:
    New territory of the countries - EU, USA, Japan, etc.
    - who agree.
    - British Virgin Islands,
    - The territory of the vessel.
    - for options outside economic zones.
    Offshore zone:
    They are industrial "offshore zones" oriented towards de-monopolized development and production, in particular with De-monopolized Intellectual Property
    See: Offshore Summaries.docx
    "Pirate Republic":
    See: De-monopolized Intellectual Property
    At the same time - a ban on the production, trade and tons of p - drugs, lethal weapons, alcohol, etc. goods prohibited at least in the 1st ordinary state.

    Civil movement for the survival of mankind.

    On the platform are located only the server offices of Offshore.
    The "platform" has physical contact with the bottom, but movable-floating.

    Expat citizens are physically living elsewhere.
    For example, in Ukraine.

    Double citizenship:
    "A citizen of the Russian Federation may have a citizenship of a foreign state (dual citizenship)" (Article 62, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation).

    Physical inhabitants:
    Option for some: "Natural selection", Migrants from Africa to Europe.
    Legislation, protection of any European country, but without the right to move to the mainland.
    “Natural selection” is NOT in the sense of poor living conditions, but in the absence of legislative and bureaucratic obstacles.

    Code of Ethics:
    Moral codes may correspond, for example, to Sharia, - in a part of micro- "states", - to parry provocations of special services aimed at compromising the Movement.
    Micro- "states" is a conditional name, since these social entities are in fact not states, but correspond more to clan associations, only on the basis of not kinship, but unanimity.
    The only coercion applied to community members is expulsion.

    1. Commercial research, development, media, "culture":
    Including socio-political.
    Development Example:
    See: Network Micro-rockets Project.docx
    2. Grants for research, development, media, "culture":
    - Marine,
    - Socio-psychological, for example, on the project "Mars",
    - Counter-propaganda,
    - Alternative "Russian" culture. - The main channel of the above mental effects is "culture".
    3. Tourism:
    Including: social, familiarity with other forms of social life.
    4. Offshore:
    Not so much tax, how much - informational.

    Gift economy:
    More precisely - "The economy of non-violence" - not based on violence, on the coercion of power.
    Even the most liberal economy that respects human rights relies on murder in the end. - If a person does not comply with the decision of the court, bailiffs, will provide adequate resistance to the special forces, he will be shot by them.
    Offshore production and cross-border flying mini-transport are required.
    Anti-monopoly instead of anti-globalism:
    "Globalization" is a red herring. - All the negative manifestations of "Globalization" are actually the consequences of monopolization.
    Non-monopoly right:
    More precisely - "Liberal Socialism", - legal obstacles to monopolism in any sphere:
    information, production, trade, intellectual, and most importantly - political.
    Freedom instead of nationalization.

    1. The threat to humanity comes precisely from monopoly.
    2. A de-monopolized society must have an economic competitive advantage over any modern "democracy."

    De-monopolizing Intellectual Property:
    In the USA, for example, there is a rich history of the application of antitrust legislation to patent pools, as many as 100 compulsory licenses, and attempts at facade correction of what is fundamentally wrong.
    But this story of the game of interests, double standards, backstage frauds with Scott's Amendments and the struggle of the “liberals” with freedom and competition will give odds to any series.
    On the second hand, the beneficiaries for 90% are not the authors, but the “right holders” intermediaries and all kinds of scientific publishers.
    On the third hand, people and the economy suffer trillions of losses from the existing model of “Intellectual Property”, which has become the main brake on economic growth, and, based on the interests of people and the economy, “Intellectual Property” is far from optimal.
    On the 4th side, the monopoly of “Intellectual Property” is dangerous not even by killing tens of millions of people a year because of the unavailability of medication - as the main monopolism of the 1st world associated with censorship - in the middle of the 21st century it will create threat to the existence of civilization in the future.
    On the 5th side, the ideas of "pirates" are utopian, their proposals are often primitive, and the struggle is similar to street protests of marginalized people.
    “Pirates” are right about the effectiveness of ignoring the invented, artificial and parasitic “Property of that which does not exist,” but they lack positiveness, constructiveness and legitimacy.
    From the 6th side, the optimal model exists, and there is a simple solution that can really bring it closer to it.
    This is not "piracy" - not a denial of the institution of "Intellectual Property", not "Copyleft", etc.
    This is only the priority of anti-monopoly rights over Intellectual property rights, that is, only a ban on the prohibition of the re-creation of “Intellectual Props”.
    This is the preservation of all the rights and functions of Intellectual Property except for the sole right of monopolistic "on-air" pricing, that is, except for the right to prohibit free use.
    For a start, you can calculate the optimum in the narrow sense - the conditions for the maximum gross income of all authors, for example, by 105 years - the period of author's protection (Sonny Bono Act 1998).
    Alternative approach to China:
    Not to crush the market with duties, but to write off the US debt on the fact that the Chinese use Intellectual Property.

    Time factor:
    It is possible that "piracy" limited only by the sole limitation of Intellectual property does not correspond to lofty ideals.
    However, if “political singularity” is not avoided — in the middle of the 21st century — through democratization, then ideals may not be in demand at all.

    1st turn:
    Concrete block multi-voids ≈ $ 1 000.
    Production - in the nearest port.
    Towing: ≈ $ 500.
    For details, see: Project SETTLEMENT COMMUNITY (22 files).

    10 years not published, but forced - due to the threat of medium-range missiles.
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    Network Micro-rockets - Project:
    Remind: This is a single-ranked network of civil self-defense. - Starting containers, etc.

    Let me remind you: Personal small arms are one of the foundations of democracy.
    However, high mortality from it leads to an increase in the controlling functions of power structures.
    Optimal - the replacement of firearms - more efficient Network Micro-rocket.
    Firearm crowding out:
    Weapons can not be banned. - It can only be replaced by a more effective means of self-defense.
    Fortunately, a more effective remedy is non-lethal - today.

    Civil control:
    Micro-rocket containers are controlled using a 1-rank computer network, for example, overlay via the Internet.
    Communities that control Micro rocket networks can be created on the basis of parent committees, territorial associations, shooter game club, and hobby societies.
    Community Duty member monitors Community members' video cameras, alarms, and controls Launcher containers.
    Personal property:
    Containers, like video cameras, are also private, more precisely personal, individual — just like small arms — are not corporate. And most importantly - not state.

    Micro rocket:
    This is not a "drone" - a micro-rocket is not capable of hovering, and is fired only from the launch tube.
    The protected launch tube is fixed near private video cameras.
    A micro-rocket carries a penetrating needle / s with a paralyzing non-lethal substance. "Striking" - from the unprotected "rear".
    Micro-rockets are controlled - at public radio frequencies - PMR, GMRS - at the beginning.
    The control of micro-rockets is intellectually capable of self-targeting, and performing “maneuvers of moths.”
    weight of 5-10 grams
    speed 30-50 m / s
    length is 5-10 cm
    total distance 300-500 m

    Offshore development:
    On the territory of even "free" states, laws will be adopted that prevent the use of the "means of the proletariat".
    Therefore, the development and production of optimal - in the "micro-states" (see).
    Community lawmaking:
    It’s necessary, however, to start with the development of NOT "hardware", but - the legal basis, - with discussion and "lobbying" of NGOs and NGOs.

    Israel's micro rocket:
    Idea: Suggest a Project to the Jews:
    1. They are most interested in implementation,
    2. They are the most - able to implement.
    3. Israel is the 1st experience similar to the Micro-states.

    Advertising for Jews:
    Termination of terrorist attacks. -
    In the Gaza Strip are placed in addition to video cameras, - launch containers Micro-rockets.
    Micro-rockets — non-lethal — paralyze a person just before the arrival of the remotely operated too Evacuators.
    Project Benefits:
    “+” Lack of human losses on both sides.
    "+" Elimination of the terrorist threat.
    "+" Cheap.

    Assimilation priority:
    The proposed solution (Micro-rockets) is NOT the main, but the auxiliary one.
    Basic solution:
    Privileged-conditional position in the society of Israel:
    Using all the benefits enjoyed by high-status Jews - medical, educational.
    But with the universal signing of the deportation agreement, in the case of participation in terrorist organizations.
    Deportation is made with payment of compensation to the micro-state selected by the "terrorist" with the provision of housing (the Autonomous Housing Project).

    Objective of the project:
    Democratization is the only chance to avoid turning towards “political singularity” - in the middle of the 21st century.
    Micro-rockets are the most effective non-lethality means of maintaining a democratic path of development.
    Jews are most interested in its implementation.

    Developed in Israel, the 1-rank Micro Missile Network will be able to:
    2. To solve the problem of mass executions by madmen in the USA. -
    Because for the self-defense of US citizens, the Micro Missiles Network will be more efficient than a firearm.
    3. To be used for the necessary self-defense against the rapists regimes, - with the help of remote volunteers from around the world.

    15 years not published, but forced - due to the threat of medium-range missiles.
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    Danger 2024. - Mechanism:
    A power group is tempted to use this advantage.
    At the moment when there is a risk of losing her power, she can increase the circumstances that give her an advantage.
    Namely. - before re-election of the President, it may increase external risks, the “resolution” of which depends so far only on this grouping.
    Competitors will not give to hold re-elections without risk - in backstage counteraction, even if they are in the same social class.

    For example, it can provoke a conflict with the United States or with NATO. -
    - The risk of losing power and losing a country for a group that has power is almost equivalent.
    That is, simplifying, if the risk of losing power = 50%, then it will raise the risk of physical loss of assets in the form of 140 million manpower - also up to 50%.
    The loss of other people's assets is even favorable - the more billion, the better ..
    Of course, the group will bluff, but at the same time actually increase the risk.

    In addition, in authoritarian countries there is a natural selection for cynicism. - The power takes the group the most cynical, demagogic and selfish.

    What to do?:
    1. Preventive “Maidan” - so that the risk of the power group comes not from competitors-one-graders, but from the people.
    And, if not "Maidan", then at least the strengthening of direct satellite counter-propaganda.
    The era of the "hybrid cold war" has begun, in which the cost of counter-propaganda is more effective than the military, and, accordingly, must be greater than the latter.
    2. Technical ways to reduce the risk of provocations.
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    Physical inhabitants:
    Option for some: "Liberias-2.0". "Natural selection", Political migrants from Africa to Europe.
    Legislation, protection of any European country, but without the right to move to the mainland.
    “Natural selection” is NOT in the sense of poor living conditions, but in the absence of legislative and bureaucratic obstacles.
    The Cause for migration is economic protectionism.
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    Ding ding ding

    We have a winner

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