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Aug 18, 2019 at 5:17 PM
    1. Falena
      Hi FlannelMan.
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    2. Falena
      You ever hear of the Deshannon Method of brainwashing? You put your headphones on and play this and stare into Jackies eyes until you see her blink. You're suppose to see visions like a (*)(*)(*)(*)ing shaman. You come out on the really happy side of life. Like you don't have a bounce in your walk. You skip. I got a bad leg. You think its worth me trying this?

    3. Falena
      Its so funny. Flounder keyed in on my avatars. I try to have my avatars reflect a part of me. My first one was some chick in a dress in the woods near a pond. Flounder was like, its too bland. It makes you seem like a bland chick. You're not. Change it. So I put up a chick on a motorcycle. It stayed up for a while and one day I get a PM from Flounder, your avatar is boring. You should change it. I said, no problem. I got this avatar chick stooped over a bike. How's that sound? He went insane with you cant do that here. Its not a good thing. Don't do it. I laughed so (*)(*)(*)(*)ing hard because I would never put that up for an avatar. So I found this chick in red. It will be my avatar as long as Im here. It reflects the good times and the Rita time.
    4. Falena
    5. catalinacat
      Hey there - I like him too. Thanx!:wink:
    6. ChrisL
      Thanks! Good to see you too! I'm doing well. You?
    7. ChrisL
      Sorry Mr. Larset. I can't view this video but thanks for the thought! :)
    8. catalinacat
      That song by Evanansence was written for her boyfriend at the time - Sean, lead singer of Seether. He wrote one to her too - he messed up bad.:smile: I met him in VIP section at concert and talked with him. They were touring together at the time. She was singing on stage while we talked.Her voice was beautiful.. They sang this together on stage. Hope you are doing well buddy. You know I love you music choices. :wink:

    9. catalinacat
      Thanks for the rep - good to see you too Larset!
    10. strollingbonez
      hi i am so sorry for not getting back to you....i joined this board and never really posted here.....i may be posting more now.....but of course you can add me to your friends list....thanks
    11. catalinacat
      Why? Because Autumn is your favorite season and was thinking of you
    12. catalinacat
      Hey friend - view from my backyard.

    13. catalinacat
    14. B.Larset
    15. ChrisL
      Oh yes, I remember you now. :) Thanks for the video, the advice and the nice welcome. The change over doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I think it's better and easier to follow conversations because of notifications and such things. USMB is rough, but I enjoy posting there because it's a very active board.
    16. ChrisL
      Thanks. Lol. I was having a good hair day. :) You still haven't told me who you are from USMB. Lol. You might have to kill me if you tell me or something?
    17. ChrisL
      Oh, I forgot to thank you for the rep. I have no idea how to reply to that or how to give rep, or even if I have that ability yet because I'm a newb. :) I appreciate that though.
    18. ChrisL
      Thanks for the welcome. :) I'm still posting at USMB. A friend of mine invited me here to post because there are a lot of members here that I know from another forum, not USMB. I'm not sure if I recognize your user name. Maybe you post under another name at USMB?
    19. Brett Nortje
      Brett Nortje
      Nope, i am not from texas, i am from cape town south africa. nice to meet you!
    20. B.Larset
    21. catalinacat
      I thought we were friends already - did you get crazy again? :wink:.
    22. catalinacat
    23. catalinacat
      Yes, I saw your fall picture, I think, back in July? The one thing I like about Chesney, he loves summer, coconuts and tropical islands just like me. :wink: My daughter loves Fall, me, not so much. But I still care, lol.
    24. catalinacat
    25. Falena
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    Personal choices from inner voices spoken with whispered lips, fund sorrows deeply known where I reason the right of our wrongs. Understanding when and why they were grown lends passion to actions lost through moments of us as, kind. Each to the other and further along with unanswered tries that turn to goodbye. From love's heeding, this loss moves fleeting lessening togethers needing. Giving us the beginning of an ends who's days portray this as nothings mends.