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Mar 28, 2023
    1. AtsamattaU
      So this week your handle may have gotten what it's been asking for! But who's it gonna be now, Gucci Grace or the Crocodile?
    2. Jebediah
      Man Robodoon lost it. What is up with that guy? He got banned for that last meltdown.
    3. catalinacat
      Oh man, let it go. You are quite obsessed with him aren't you - to always use his picture as his avatar? He is not a used up drunk. He is noting of the sort and he sold his soul to the devil by producing a movie honoring Jesus, Passion of the Christ?? Really?? LOL He was the only man that had the guts to produce a movie that depicted the story from the Bible. I get it the Jews were offended because it suggested they had him crucified. Isn't that too bad?That's the basis for your hate and you taking on his being judge and jury. You hate is not hurting him but just eating you up inside. Done.
    4. catalinacat
      There is no proof of beating his wife, and I'm sure he has his demons, like a lot of people. He is a good soul though & his movies are brilliant. Thank you.
    5. catalinacat
      Just curious, I notice you always have a photo of Mel, and to me, he is still the sexiest man alive- whom I adore and admire. :worship: He is a great director and actor. Apocalypto is just one of them. So, I'm not sure if you hate or like him by implying he is Mugabee or if you are referring to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.:eyes:
    6. justonemorevoice
      i was gone for a long time....i come back to the same (*)(*)(*)(*).
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