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Mar 17, 2011
Jun 11, 2010
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Mar 17, 2011
    1. Calamity Jane
      Calamity Jane
      I have never worked with Mickey S C, Josey did a time or two in the early 2000's in Branson
    2. Saxon Caucasus
      Saxon Caucasus
      Hi ya CJ...I'm a guitar tech ...Started with Conway Twitty back in '84.
      Still on the road, in fact...
      Maybe we worked a few shows together.
      Mickey used to occasionally open for us way back then...or maybe that was before your time...
    3. changed
      Hello Calamity Jane.....Josey mentioned you. And I too say any friend of Josey's is a friend of mine, but you have something to back your own self up.......Your posts.
      Your post I checked as well and you have 2 great thing behind you!
    4. Calamity Jane
      Calamity Jane
      Thanks Kimi, yea Josey is cool, and one good lookin hunk of guy too, we go back about 10 years, when he was backing Mickey Gilley on guitar and I was a background singer! Lets give them Libs hell,what say!
    5. Kimi
      Any friend of Josey's.....welcome to the forum, Calamity! Love the name! ~Kimi
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