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Jan 12, 2022
    1. Not The Guardian
      Not The Guardian
      Why not post on both sites? Others from PF do...
    2. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hi there friend!!

      The weather has been good to us. How are you doing? I keep having on going medical problems. I guess my R.A., Osteoporosis has finally hit me hard. I was told back in 1990 that I would be crippled in 10 yrs or so. I think I am a tough bird because I am falling apart these last couple of years. I watch my youngest daughters' son a bit and tinker in the flower beds. I can take short walks but cant do cement floor shopping. That leaves me out of doing a load all at once. My oldest son is starting to mow my lawn now. I am so blessed though. Ya know what keeps me going? Faith and Gods goodness. I have no other natural explanation.

      Have you been debating when we don't have all these problems here? I am happy you haven't left us. You are one of the top debaters in my eyes. The best of the best!!

      Take care sweetie.
    3. HillBilly
      hey buddy , sorry it took so long to get back to you . I'm not on PF as much as I used to , all these shut-downs in recent months have seen me looking at other web sites , but PF is the best , so far.

      yeah , I'm doing ok ... so far , so good , thanks for asking .
    4. Bow To The Robots
      Bow To The Robots
      Heh. Been a fan since *Gordie Howe!* :xd:
    5. CoolWalker
      Don't drink and drive...pull over to the side first!
    6. CoolWalker
      Have fun...I'll use my lottery dollar for a beer instead!
    7. CoolWalker
      yeah, me too...but it's a slow day.
    8. CoolWalker
      Scotch is cool sometimes, secondly I like Irish whiskey, but bourbon is smooth with an "e" at the end for good measure.
    9. CoolWalker
      I am very use to the rollercoaster effect as my wife is working on her doctorate at William and Mary, which makes her wig-out...oh, once or twice a week. But it's alright as long as Makers mark stays in business.
    10. CoolWalker
      Well, Norfolk is 67% Negro but there is a dividing line of sorts. They stay with their kind because the can relate to each other. We stay with our kind for the like reason. As my wife is a school teacher, we do have many black friends and this weekend my twins are having their 10th birthday...a spend-the-night and 7 out of the 10 little girls that will be there are black. They are kids, great little kids and their parents are wonderful. We have no problems in Norfolk other than Mexican gangs.
    11. CoolWalker
      Yes, and it is very "touchy-feely", like men think with their brains and women with their emotions...the dems think like women and I can't wrap my head around that as it isn't controlled with logic.
    12. CoolWalker
      No I work for a major corporation (name withheld by contract). Been here 25 years now. great place, wonderful weather and good beaches and a republican governor.
    13. HillBilly
      ain't that the truth :-) I've really been trying to loose weight , I eat a bite , go a few hours , have another bite , and so on all day long , and so it goes all week . I've had to put 3 new buckle holes in my belt to hold my pants on , but I go around hungry a lot . so this weekend , the taxes were back , my wife and I went to the Sagebrush Steakhouse , which is something we rarely do , , and I got an 8oz fillet , and a huge loaded baked potato , man , it was sooo good and I was sooo full. I'm still full .
    14. HillBilly
      thanks my friend , I feel better , ate a great steak today . a 3" thick 10 oz fillet Mignion . . . lol , I'm so full I can't even spell it right :-)
    15. HillBilly
      lol: thats where the stalk won't hold the head up.
    16. HillBilly
      glad ya enjoyed the pizza , shoot man , this warm weather is great , so far , so good . .

      lol , I'm doing fine , mostly good , anyway . . lol , got the darn Cabbage ailments , however :-(
    17. HillBilly
      Hey my man , have some pizza ,[IMG]
    18. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Very nice compliment and thank you. If you're ever in the area, let me know!!! Your friend,
    19. HillBilly
      Today is Jiyuu-Freedoms BirthDay . please join me in sending her birthday greetings & well wishes to a great gal and one of the best Mods on PF :-)
    20. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I wish the same for you and more than that, a bright new year! I miss you and so glad you always remember me. Thanks friend. Gods blessings to you and yours:)
    21. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas old buddy . [IMG]
    22. Incorporeal
      Hey Brother.... how you be? I spent the day with my son and his girlfriend at her moms house... Prepping for the Christmas weekend. Speaking of which... I would like to extend to you and yours, the very best Christmas that you have had in a long time. Talk at you later.
    23. Goldwater
      Nice of you to help that friend......I know what it's like to be 2 weeks away from having the Salvation Army as your address, and my only other option would have been to sponge off my brother or sister...which is worse.

      One things for sure brother.....Americans need to come up wiht the next big thing and get this economy moving again.
    24. Goldwater
      I'm a pretty good actor....my sup thinks I'm an enthusiastic company man, well suited as a good example for others. He said my attitude sets "the tone" in my dept.

      This all really comes more from desperation, as opposed to simply pride of workmanship....like I had in the 90's.
    25. Goldwater
      Honesty is one thing....but I don't want any bad juju...so I am afraid to be negative about my job in any way. When I wake up I pray and ask for thanks because I"m grateful t have a job.

      Would I do it if I were not being paid?...or on my day off?....probably not
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