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Mar 8, 2017
Mar 21, 2009
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Mar 8, 2017
    1. justonemorevoice
      Im on a mission. :)
    2. justonemorevoice
      Would you plz post the part he was using his cell phone? I
    3. justonemorevoice
      yea!!!! i see you!!!
    4. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      Would you like to continue?


      AND - how is the job? Doing what you need to huh? I now know what you mean about being BLESSED to have a job!!! I have conformed because there are way too many people who woud not take this for granted as I have!!!
    5. webrockk
      I'm well, Goldie....hammer swinging biz is paying the bills and keeping crackers and potted meat in the cupboard...but that's about it. Congrats on the job, man!!
    6. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      The hardest thing with my friend though is, it's hard. He doesn't do anything around the house, and suggesting that he does puts him in a bad place because he's already crushed he's sponging off of me to begin with.

      I am sad for those who are in those positions and close to having an Army address!

      The next big thing is for the Gov't, instead of laying people off, do a mass hiring and get this economy rolling! Once people start pushing money out - jobs will have to hire to keep up with sales! Done deal, but folks just don't want bigger Gov't and if that means people on the street so be it...

      I think that's horrible - a job is a job!
    7. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      That was funny! I know though - huh! In the 90's I was all kinds of motivated!! It was the Marines and then college then a job with the BLM and I loved it!! Now... I can't even "try" to look motivated. My boss did say that when nobody calls in sick he thanks the stars if I come in because, "when needed" I can run this place by myself....

      Now, since the Gov't put a stop to raises, I've been making the same amount for YEARS!! But, I shouldn't complain, I have a job, more than I can say for a friend who had to move in (because he's flat broke) and my woman...
    8. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      Oh... Just because I dislike my job my friend doesn't mean I don't give thanks for it every day! When I am in the shower I prepare myself for the day and thank anyone who will listen that I am blessed for my life, family, friends and job.

      Oh, I dislike it - my boss knows I dislike it... Just had my review three days ago and he said, "I know you hate this place..." his exact words! :) yea... it's no secret, it's just boring...
    9. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      I'm still here because I hate my job... Posting passes the time... :)
    10. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      It is a pleasure to have you back!!! I did miss discussing evolution with you! How is work?
    11. webrockk
      Hey buddy! Where have you been?!
    12. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      The Evolution thread has been around for a very long time and is the largest on this site since it is on it's fourth go around. I have made some enemies who just post ridiculous statements on a regular basis. If you want to discuss evolution I am more than happy as long as we keep "RELIGION" out of it since I am not religious please...
    13. RiverMimi
      Hi GW!! Thought I would pop over and see old friends missing.
    14. flounder
    15. MagicalFire
      ha your name is about as cool as mine :D
    16. flounder
      but...but, There are no Atheists in Fox holes........LOL
    17. flounder
      Don't mention it, you deserve it. I enjoy speaking with the honest well mannered Liberals. It's the best way to learn and understand one another..We can both flare up a bit when we feel it necessary, but I have never seen you go over the line...
      It's a mark of intelligence for sure.
    18. justonemorevoice
      yah it is.........i will not go back there for other reasons though. i am at though.
    19. justonemorevoice
      goldie!! how are you???
    20. justonemorevoice
      cool. why dont you post there more often?
    21. justonemorevoice
      shawnees a gammaw!!!
    22. Avenger
      Ahhh well it's cool.

      If you want to support Islam then I'd suggest picking Pakistani or Afghan flag though since they're the most targeted here :D

      Good luck
    23. Avenger
      Just noticed the little Turkish flag over there... Are you Turkish mate?
    24. webrockk
      I'm sure of it lol
    25. webrockk
      Goldie, you're bamboozling the massive intellects of your own. LoL! Bravo.
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