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Sep 20, 2015
    1. Falena
      My apologies to you kk8. I was consumed in a sock hunt and just noticed your thread. I moved it and realized you created another one in its place. I deleted the original.

      Thanks for your patience.
    2. HillBilly
      so , do you ever check you're vm's ? LOL
    3. HillBilly
      here KK8 , I got ya a pizza ..........[IMG]
    4. HillBilly
      ok , have you visited my home page yet and viewed the awsome wonder of my profile pic ? I'm gonna change the avatar today , btw .
    5. HillBilly
      what ya think ? ?
    6. HillBilly
      lol , well , I'm gonna try and post it as my profile pic on my page , , if it'll load , it'll be plenty big enough to read , , lol . . but remember now , , it's all in fun , my own little joke on the repubs , lol , and i choose it because it's typical of the Faux News / GB frog boiling days , , lol , , although it has gotten much better just the past month .

      Fair and Balanced , ya know ?
    7. HillBilly
      did ya figure out what it said yet ? lol ;-)
    8. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas KK8 . [IMG]
    9. daisydotell
      Kenneth Roberts wrote "Northwest Passage" and a lot more historical novels. He was good and if you ever get a chance read some of his books.
    10. daisydotell
      Ahhh..Kennebunkport....I believe Kenneth Roberts lived in Kennebunk. I always get the two mixed up.. I have read most all of his books. Great author..
    11. daisydotell
      Hey I like that picture. Where were you when it was taken?
    12. HillBilly
      hell , I don't remember myself , sort of out-of-sorts right now , just got back home yesterday from hospital , maybe it's the new meds . anyway , it's good to hear from you again , sorry , if it'll make you feel any better , I'll let you smack me . [IMG]
    13. HillBilly
      well , if you've not answered me by now , you probably don't care either way , any friend that I consider a real friend would have answered me by now , so I'm cutting you loose from my friends list , KK8 , sorry to do that , but I am a Hillbilly , ya know ? [IMG]
    14. HillBilly
      Love the outfit and background ... but where's the gunbelt .357 mag & Winchester rifle ?

      You're looking real good , KK8 ... [IMG]

      and lay that phone down and enjoy ... [IMG]
    15. flounder
      Nice photo kk,,,,,,,VaVa Voooom.....:smile: You still got it kid.....
    16. April flowers
      April flowers
      That's a beautiful dog. It looks like 1 that we had. She passed away a few yrs back. She was 13yrs.
    17. changed
      Hey kk, I didn't see you today, maybe will catch you tomorrow! 8)
    18. flounder
      This is the way they are, everything should be the way they picture things to be unless of course it's them. Isn't that what happened when they even thought Bush was not going to get Congress to approve..''He better do it the right way,,TRAITOR'' Yet Obama is given the Golden pass. GITMO was a hell hole and ''WE'' are responsible for this horrible place!!, we are animals!!'',,
      Now Obama gives it the seal of approval..[BECAUSE ''he'' NEEDS IT] and plans to vacation there himself...LOL
      Mind you these are the very people that Ran to Canada during the war, yet they have the Balls to make the rules...Oh, and these are the same people falsely accusing the Tea party people of acting up while their own demonstration are filled with hate and violence. Perhaps they would prefer telling our men to get some ''Blood on their hands'' while handing the locals a flower...
      The beat goes on,,,,they are the worst human beings on this earth...
    19. HillBilly
      hello KK8 , really great to see you on PF.. let me give you a great big hug ...


      we probably won't agree on Unions , but I always admired you and liked you..

      If I can help you with the bells & whistles on PF , let me know... Hillbilly..
    20. CommonSense184
      I have no idea what you are talking about, so probably not sorry.
    21. Falena
      Anytime KK! Thank you also.
    22. changed
    23. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Yep kk8, I want not to let liberals enjoy this forum without me!BTW a nice picture!
    24. changed
      WTF???? where ya been???
    25. flounder
      Hi kk I have to go yes you can.....but you lose your points,,no bigee
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    — Francisco d'Anconia
    Atlas Shrugged (Part 2, Chapter 2, Page 412)

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