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Jun 20, 2012
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Oregon City, Oregon
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Lee S

Moderator, from Oregon City, Oregon

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Viewing forum, Jul 26, 2017 at 12:33 PM
    1. MVictorP
      Hi - I'm the guy whose post you deleted because it said that a previous post was Hasbara.

      That guy to which the comment was adressed, don't remember his handle, was way too obvious to be paid for his input - but his methods, nonetheless, the post he wrote were Hasbara - that is "The explanantion" of anything zionist. YOU are the one who is making the term an insult or racial slur. IT ISN'T.
      1. Just_a_Citizen likes this.
    2. AlNewman
      Ah, the world of democracy where cry babies and snowflakes are not to be spoken of, no truth allowed. Who would have thought? But I will keep only make them cry without naming it.
    3. Thought Criminal
      Thought Criminal
      I sent you a private message last week (Jun 12). I'm wondering if you saw it.

    4. Mrlucky
      Where in this forum do I find " Forum Rules?" Also, what are points?
    5. MDG045
      Hey Lee S. I recently posted a thread in Poltical opinions name "Why has science become so politicized" and there is a member named @Ronstar, who is being a troll and is flame bating. If you could please take a look at it that would be great. Thank You very much.
      1. Just_a_Citizen
        Ron's harmless. A bit misguided regarding politics, but harmless. If someone trolls, just don't feed them.
        Apr 26, 2017
      2. ArmySoldier
        The only way Mods can catch the trolls is to report them. If @Ronstar is trolling again, simply report it. He's been banned before. I'm sure he's not far from a perm ban.
        Apr 26, 2017
    6. GreenBayMatters
      I just got a post deleted for calling a member a fascist. Hell, he doesn't mind calling Ann Coulter a Nazi. He supports antifa and hopes they use violence to shut down Ann Coulter. Tell me. If someone is acting like a fascist, what do I call them? A Methodist? A Mason? A Snowflake?
      1. Lee S
        Lee S
        Ann Coulter is a person who puts herself in front of the public, and is therefore a fair target. You can call anyone you want on their opinions, but you cannot insult them directly or infer they are fascists. Its in the rules.
        Apr 20, 2017
      2. SuperSymmetry
    7. Merwen
      Hi Lee--I've been fairly partisan lately so chose not to follow up yet on what we discussed last summer--have a nice night
    8. Natty Bumpo
      Natty Bumpo
      I believe that you are in error in claiming that I violated Rule 2 that" prohibits insults to groups of people, which includes Trump supporters. Calling Trump supporters neo-nazis and racists is clearly a violation of forum rules".

      Nowhere have I ever called any Trump supporters on this forum a neo-nazi or a racist. Neither have I ever called Trump a neo-nazi or a racist.

      Rather, I hav e accurately noted and provided links to both the neo-nazi Daily Stormer and the white supremacist American freedom Party both publicly issuing endorsements of Trump.

      If I am prohibited from posting such documented facts, please say so, but there is no instance of my ever calling anyone on this forum either a "neo-nazi" or a "racist."
    9. Blues63
      Can you please explain how you arrived at the conclusion of 'flamebait' regarding my post? Thanks in advance.
    10. Meta777
      No worries,...we all slip up sometimes.

      BTW, we're actually trying to add some new staff-members around here
      and you seem like just the sort of temperament we're looking for.
      Would you be interested in helping out as a greeter?
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    Oregon City, Oregon
    Registered Professional Land Surveyor
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    2 useless cats, a dyslexic rabbit named Nubby, hermit crabs
    six children, two still at home
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    us oregon
    I run a land surveying business. I have parented six children. I do not belong to a political party.

    Building and playing guitars, steampunk, reading