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Nov 5, 2019
    1. Locke9-05
      Thanks, but that's actually Big Daddy from the movie Kick Ass. His attire is fashioned slightly after Batman's, as are his mannerisms, but unlike Batman, he has no aversion to killing criminals and destroying their operations entirely.
    2. l4zarus
      Cool Batman pic. ;-)
    3. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      Merry Christmas Locke. Have a Happy New Year too! Also, have a Happy Easter, a tip-top Tet, a good Chanuka, a crazy Kwanza and a fulfilling Ramadan.
    4. Riordan
      I don't know. I can't trust my emotions. I'm not sure what to think anymore because the experience has left me.
    5. Riordan
      How does one tell a religious experience from an intense moment of lunacy?
    6. Makedde
      I am glad to see you back! I was a little concerned at the reasons you gave for wanting a month off, but I was unable to email you - the address seems to have bee wrong or something, so I had to wait a whole month for you to return! I know we hardly ever agree on anything, but I am happy you are back! :)
    7. tresha
      Welcome back!
      LOVE the pic...haven't seen the movie yet....was it good?
    8. Shiva_TD
      We may disagree politically but never believe that there is anything but respect.

    9. Riordan
      Again... the experience is akin to loving someone or what 'blue' looks like -- one simply cannot understand or communicate it.
    10. Riordan
      That moment of nirvana in which you exist as one with the universe in eternal peace and happiness. Some people describe it as 'God', which I can certainly understand as the experience is hard to put into perspective. You see the world without a perception or an ego to filter the information.
    11. Riordan
      I am totally serious -- I had a religious experience which has really given me a new look on things and I have thrown classical logic out the window. You and I are not so different as what I told you is exactly what I've been seeking. It has been brought to my attention through my religious experience that acceptance without judgement allows our experiences to be shared and create that emotional happiness which is understanding and acceptance -- a moment of peace. Your enjoyment was also my enjoyment-- and the world has become a brighter place.

      My intentions are only towards understanding this mechanism so that I can bring more acceptance and peace to this world -- even between two individuals who at some point had fought 'tooth and nail' -- or at least battled to a long extent in a mental capacity.

      Please understand that I say this without judgement of 'winning' or 'losing' a conversation -- just that there was a conflict that was had between two minds that had extended over time.
    12. Riordan
      Its ok -- I have several theories on a personal level as to why it happened and in every instance I am perfectly happy with the result. I would like to share some information with you; although I am hesitant because what I had experienced makes me doubt my own sanity, so if this question seems oddly personal and out of the blue I hope you understand. Are you a religious or an ambiguous spiritual man?
    13. Riordan
      I am sorry if there is bitter blood between us -- but I have never met an individual who had challenged my ego through an intellectual fight. I haven't had such a fight since. You having gone missing has made me realize what an important role you have had in my personal development -- so I would like to share a more intellectual self with you, and since I do not know you personally I will say, an intelligence I have grown to respect to a degree I actually cannot fully express with words.
    14. Riordan
      It is good to see that you are back -- I thought you had died! I want to invite you to a discussion about drug policy but in a much different light than we have had previously. I do not want to have a conversation about who is right or wrong -- ideology vs ideology -- no debating.

      I would simply like to share some insight I have had regarding an odd very strong correlation I have found with illegal drugs, food, society, and moral character that has not been investigated by the public and is backed by information I have picked up in my studys of neurology. We would be exploring instead of bickering. I believe you are a very intelligent being capable of incredible logic -- and would greatly value an insight into your perception so that I may consider a more perfect stance.
    15. Kazikli Bey
      Kazikli Bey
      The movie was basically a satire of yuppie culture. Yuppie culture being superficial and vain, that they lose touch with reality. That's why Patrick Bateman lets slip that he is a homicidal murderer, it's more to see if anyone is listening to him. It's why he cannot kill Jeanne because she is the one person that likes Patrick for Patrick and not his superficial shell. But also, since he is losing touch with reality, as is the yuppie culture, he comes to doubt whether or not he is a murderer or just imagined it, which is why it is left ambiguous at the end of the book/movie as to whether or not he did it.
    16. tresha
      YOU DA MAN!!!!!!
      :worship: Locke9-05 :worship:

    17. tresha
    18. Ivan
      Jon found wepon
    19. Ivan
    20. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      hi, buddy how are you [IMG]
    21. Jifakir
      Same here, I'm having a hell of a time paying for college and they sure do promise money to pay for it.
    22. Jifakir
      Sorry for all those names I called you, It wasn't really my place to judge you. I just carried away sometimes. I was wondering by your photo did you do any service?
    23. Jifakir
      Thanks for adding me as a friend. I'm going to start by saying I'm not as hostile as I appear on threads (and I don't do drugs).
    24. Inferno
      you're sweet
    25. Inferno
      You don't I just question everyone. I am like that. I am sorry if I sound abrasive at times. I always overstate the case on here it seems easier to get heard. hugs and thanks for the rep.
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