Jan 23, 2012
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Upper Midwest

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Well-Known Member, Male, from Upper Midwest

    1. Jazz
      Thanks for the "like" on Grau's Profile page!! You sure went out of your way!
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    2. Marcotic
      Thanks for putting that ridiculous Somali Hammer Mob story to bed. As a fellow TC resident I appreciate it.
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      2. Mr_Truth
        You are very welcomed!
        It never ceases to amaze me how pre-disposed these radical far right delusionals are to believe in such garbage. This is precisely how Germany succumbed to Nazism - people blindly followed their hate cult leaders and refused to question or to allow others to question. Challenging such lies and liars is the patriotic thing to do. Keep up the good work!
        May 22, 2019
      A smart man.
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    4. Gaius_Marius
      Thanks for the Rep! Always a pleasure to read your comments:hug:
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    5. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      dude how come you have no interest in replying to those posts of mine on my Rams thread? i schooled that nutcase on there who is in denial that they are coming back.great news as well on the chargers staying,the owners are not happy with spanos because he has not negotiated in good faith with the city to try and get something done apparently and if the reports are true,the support from them for him to move has really dwindled among the owners which is bad news for the raiders cause they would have to tag along with the chargers to move cause they can do it all on their
    6. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      Hey thanks for the like on the history thread.its sad I did not get more likes from posters on that post how JFK was our last real president we had that served the people. cool to see that you are awake and you really DO seek the truth.many times people have the name truth as their user name and ignore it because they ignore facts and really don't have an interest in the truth,you do though and that's great.
    7. evince
      we need to bump each others threads that they are trying to avoid
    8. Mr_Truth
      I got my first medical bill of the new year yesterday - thanks to Obamacare it came to ZERO. It reads,

      Total due: $ 0.00

      While that may depress you, for someone like me who is (technically speaking) terminally ill, this comes as good news.
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      2. bricklayer
        How do you imagine those your burden has fallen upon. Do you imagine that your burden will not burden them. Do you imagine them as having so much more than you that they would even not even miss what is taken from them an given to you?
        Sep 19, 2018
    9. hudson1955
      you have absolutely no experience or knowledge of how our health care system worked prior to PPACA and how PPACA is going to negatively have an effect on the system. You try to make it an political/party issue; but it is not. We in the health care field have known and tried to change regulation on the Health Insurance industry for years. Unfortunately PPACA has only helped the industry to expand its profits by increasing the numbered of insured's while also increasing deductibles, out of pocket, decreasing available providers and hospital choices(cutting out the best and opting for those willing to accept lower payments). Lower premiums with double the deductibles per person/family will make purchasing insurance less attractive for those individuals and families in who are in above average health.
    10. Mr_Truth
      Ah, OK --- had been totally lost as to your meaning. Thanx! :)
    11. PropagandaMachine
      Relax, I like think its good you strive to recognize and tell the truth.
    12. PropagandaMachine
    13. robini123
      "For some reason, Page 2 of this thread is not appearing on my PC. Anyone know why?? "

      I had that happen on a thread a while back. Never did figure out what caused it, but my work around was to load up a different web browser, then I could surf the entire thread.
    14. Mr_Truth
    15. BestViewedWithCable
      atleast you still get to misspell words
    16. Makedde
      Sorry, my mistake. Your post wasn't an issue, the thread was deleted so it showed me that your post was deleted and I assumed I had deleted it because of a violation. The post was fine.
    17. Makedde
      Hello, you insulted someone by saying they obviously didn't go to school, and another post was deemed racial flamebait and was deleted.
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    Upper Midwest
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    single - looking for a wealthy wife
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    Not much.
    Love to debate far right extremists & beat them & always do.
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    I have lived a very productive life as writer, historian, accountant, researcher, and sportsman.

    Cooking, reading, sports.


    Trump's win is one of the most exciting nights of my life ... a great victory for 'our people' ... Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!

    KKK leader David Duke