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Sep 23, 2019
    1. ChrisL
      Thanks! I'm actually logging off now to have some dinner too! :smile: TTYL!
    2. ChrisL
      Sure! Well happy Earth Day to you! :earth: Enjoy your dinner!
    3. ChrisL
      Thanks! I'd like to think so, and I try to be open minded. :mrgreen: You seem to be quite reasonable too. I guess you can never expect to agree with a person on EVERY issue.
    4. ChrisL
      Well, unfortunately, you will find out that I am not liberal in many of my views. :smile: Hope that won't interfere with our friendship though!
    5. ChrisL
      Not yet. Lol. :smile: I'm waiting for him or her to make a coherent point, but maybe that's a lost cause.
    6. ChrisL
      Hey, thanks for the friend request! :smile:
    7. Shangrila
      Well hello there and a very happy birthday to you.
    8. ProgressivePatriot
      Thank you...and the same to you!!
    9. Falena
      Happy Thanksgiving, Progressive Patriot!

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    The liberal commie infested, gay friendly north ea
    I'm from the Government (Retired)
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    I am the Progressive Patriot because to many conservatives seem to believe that they, and only they have the right to the mantle of “patriot” I, however, will submit o you that progressives are the true patriots because of, and not in spite of, the fact that we have a vision of this country being truly great in all ways for all of our people. I’m a patriot because I want America to be respected in the world as a leader in science, diplomacy, education, environmental protection and the evolving standards of human decency. I this to be a great and just country for all people, Not just the rich, not just the native born and white people, not just for heterosexuals, not just for Christians, and not just for males. FOR ALL PEOPLE

    At the time of the founding of our nation, at the time of the American Revolution, the rebels were known as the patriots. Those patriots were not content with the status quo. They wanted to move ahead, they sought to build a nation based on the ideal of freedom and democracy. Yes, they sought to throw off the yoke of an oppressive government , and yes, conservatives today-those who call themselves “patriots”-also seek to limit the influence of what they see as an oppressive government. The only difference, as they see it, is that now, that government is our own. However, I will submit to you that today’s source of oppression is perpetrated, not by government per se, but by those forces within government as well as outside of government who seek to thwart progress, and worse, undue much of what has been accomplished in areas such as labor, civil rights, education, science and the environment. Patriotism is progress. Progress is patriotism.

    Physical fitness, environmental issues, human rights, politics, food and nutrition


    May the Gods and Goddesses bless you, mother earth and all creatures upon her great and small:weed:

    The day is not far off, when those who oppose marriage equality, will be viewed- by the vast majority of people- with the same scorn and contempt as racial bigots are now . :oldman: