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Jan 18, 2016
    1. jthorp24
      Hey thanks for the kinds words! I consider myself a conservative libertarian. IMO most musicians care more about the social policies than the fiscal policies. I am also a Christian. Great to see you are a minister. God bless!
    2. RevAnarchist
      Hi Trinnity! Thanks so much for the compliment on my photos! It means so much that someone has a look at them and my art. Artists really do their thing for pat on the back from viewers. But even more important for most artists including photographers, well at least speaking for myself, is that I try to use art as a higher form of language and communication. A fancy way of saying that I would like the viewer to see the world in a different way, not to change them or anything but to 'talk' to them. I am not a tree hugger nor a PEATA guy but I do have a deep profound love for our planet and the natural world, and ultimately the people that it supports. Again thanks for having a look!
    3. RevAnarchist
      Hi Darth! Jokes are fine! I feel I must say something to you and my friends here (hi hillbilly flounder and everyone!). Even though I am a real minister, I don't preach (well expect in cases of emergency in a guest capacity...for friends!) because I do not want to be a hypocrite. That is why some of my interests and replies including threads and such sound so Un-Pastoral. I still love and beleive Jesus is Christ I would die for that, but my other desires are a block to my preaching right now. I hold my preachers and holy men to high standards, such high standards that I can not reach right now. Perhaps in a few years or even months, but not now. I serve my lord by the modest (some might say micro) humanitarian missions and by professing my faith for now~
    4. RevAnarchist
      HELLO BestViewedWithCable! I am sure you are popular, having read some of your replies etc! You are both intelligent and beautiful. Thanks for your reply BVWC! Come back soon! Please? FYI, That is as close as groveling I can get... ha ha ~
    5. Trinnity
      Your nature photos are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    6. Darth Desolas
      Darth Desolas
      Hey again Rev. :)

      Uh was that the one where you deleted it after thinking twice about getting in a pissing contest with a couple of women with clitori bigger than both our penises? :-P

      I joke! I joke! Sorry I'm close to delerium sometimes with these antihistamines and cold/flu tabs. Driving me nuts.

      Or did you reply to the post about metaphysics perhaps? Could you link to it bud?
    7. BestViewedWithCable
      Does it matter, and Yes, you probably have.

      Im kinda popular.
    8. RevAnarchist
      Hi Darth! I am sorry for my late reply, I have been stuck in the real world for far too long, its nice to be back in virtualrality (my word for feeling comfortable as a virtual person, and blundering about in the astral plane)
    9. Darth Desolas
      Darth Desolas
      Lol hi Rev... :)
    10. RevAnarchist
      Hi brother! So sorry to learn of your sickness! We are going to have to take better care of ourselves, eh? In my case the damage was already done, so I don't have to start living on a diet of rabbit food! ha ha! ? Did you say caths' ? rut-row! Ugh'! caths!! I feel for you brother hillbilly, and my prayers are with you. God bless you.

      '0' bout' forgot, no snow except in the mountains !

    11. HillBilly
      Hello Rev A , ,:handshake:

      hey buddy , been under the hospital a while , , back home now for good ( I hope ) least i got the cathiter out ... :omg:

      you still got snow ? Dan
    12. RevAnarchist
      Doc baby (term of endearment) don't be so touchy! I musta' somehow misread one of your posts or maybe you were being sarcastic when it said you are an atheist. Or maybe someone was saying you were an atheist. Lastly how many times have I called you an atheist? I remembering asking you but received no response ~ Lastly # 2 I would still consider you a friend, but worry about you if you did convert .... ;{>
    13. RevAnarchist
      Oh yes I love that song. Unlike free bird or stair way to heaven its not overplayed on the radio, yes I still listen to good old fashioned FM! Ha ha but my deck in my old 92 Off road capable explorer has a Sirius system, with no subscription! Its a kenwood and just stuck in the hole where the old radio went. I am such a procrastinator. I bought a punch amp a big one when I had a real job, but its been in the box for nearly two years! Ha ha...besides who wants to hear George Jones being pushed with 2kwatts?
    14. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I am not an Atheist....sorry to see you can't fathom that....
    15. glitch
      Trower can shred that axe of his. Bridge of Sighs was a classic.

    16. RevAnarchist
      Rundgren rocks! Not many people know who he is! I love old school rock,when was the last time you heard R Trowler's bridge of sighs? Those days have a indelible microdot psychedelic time-warp stamp on my psyce ~
    17. glitch
      Hey Rev. No not original. A Todd Rundgren album cover from his psychedellic days (A Wizard a True Star).
    18. RevAnarchist
      Hey Jollee! Yep I see that we have many sick people, God bless you, Jollee I noticed you have been rock and rolling in the forum and God bless and our friends, especially those that are ill. !
    19. RevAnarchist
      Redwolf thanks for the kind words! I change it often! Which one was it? I would be happy to design you a custom av if you tell me what subject you like. I make all mine.
    20. RevAnarchist
      hi Hillbilly are you ill? Hey I will zing some prayers your way! I feel so stupid when I asked who is hill? Duhhhh! God bless you my friend!
    21. Jollee
      Many sick Rev ! Unfortunately!

    22. RedWolf
      Like your avi.
    23. HillBilly
      Merry Christmas Rev A
    24. RevAnarchist
      Thanks Changed ! Your prayers give me a feel good inner strength and peace.... (hey what color candle are you lighting for me?) Yep I am highly superstitious, before I was christian I was Wicca before that I was Buddhist before that....hee hee ~ (how long do you have?). I began my search for the true meaning of life *that sounds so corny! * ~ after atheism failed me ~ and the rest is history.
    25. RevAnarchist
      Judge I love you as a person and as creation of God. I can not love some actions and words you own, hey two out of three ain't bad eh?
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