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    1. RevAnarchist
      Part one

      Good morning Clarisse...

      Ha ha its amusing to see me speaking French yes? Ha ha I was hoping you could read it! No one here speaks french and in this small town we have no french restaurants :cry: , no real french winery :cry::cry: ... and no french girls my age ...that really makes me cry! So small towns are good for some things, not so good for others! Its been so long since I have been to Europe or even Mexico anywhere besides here in my beloved east Tennessee. I love it here but I am beyond restless! Hmmm France or Israel...If I decide France maybe you could help me decide where in France I should go.

      Continued below~
    2. RevAnarchist
      part 2

      Your opinion of school is the same as mine was! Maybe you would like to be a statesperson? You are so friendly and outgoing ...but do not know what you enjoy good enough to really seriously suggest anything.

      Maybe you will be a wine maker and I will not cry so much when I visit if I have a friend that has her own excellent wine creation. My favorite is Lambrusco! For drinking or with a meal. I know Lambrusco is a frowned upon by true wine lovers. But not me! I know Lambrusco is a frowned upon by true wine lovers. But not me! Do the French still dislike Califorina wine ha ha? Anyway, J'ai mieux fermer pour maintenant et aller se battre avec les membres que la haine Israël chrétiens et les USA. Puis-je vous poser une question personnelle cl? Êtes-vous religieux? Je crois que je me souviens que vous me dites que vous êtes catholique ou est-ce que je me trompe? No need to answer if you would rather not. Bye bye 'sister' Clarisse ~
    3. clarisse150
      Yes, you're right! To, people are more nice in the small towns! A lot of peoples said that Parisians are a little cold and that they aren't very nice with tourists... Well, they aren't horrible either, of course! I've got some family in Paris! But a far family. You know in which place you will go if you go to France? I love the big city; but just for visit, not for live, it musn't be well...
      C'est marrant de te voir parler Français! Je trouve que tu parles plutôt bien; je suis contente de savoir que nous sommes tous les deux d'origine Française!
      My poor Reva, yes, that's impressive to see the strange person who there is in this forum!... Good courage!
    4. clarisse150
      Hi Reva! You're welcome, if you answer, I'm always happy! For you too? Oh, I hate maths!... It's bored an useless... To, that annoy me, because I understand everyting, but during the test, with the question strangely written of my teacher, I always answer wrong... Well, I'm happy, in my new sector, there's no maths an that's better like that! But there's always Italian and English... That annoy me!... Yes, politics must be very well! I dream to work one; but I think that's hard to make you a place, so, I went have diplomas for if I failure! I hope that I will travel a lot! It must be very well! Ahw, a lot of people have prejudices when they go in a country! USA isn't as TV, but I think that's a great country and visit it must be cool!
    5. RevAnarchist
      part one

      Hi Clarisse its 5 am in the morning I couldn't sleep I had left my computer on and so the first thing I saw was your new message. Thank you for understanding my slow answering ! Oh math was difficult for me too! However with your personality you will do well with languages and history. Perhaps you will be a states person, that means working for your nation of France! Politics can be exciting with travel and lots of meeting new people. I have a couple of friends from Switzerland, two brothers. They are so cool! I met them when I was in Florida going to school. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Inc sent me to the factory School in Orlando, the brothers were going there as well. Man they were so precise in their math and other skills! But they were very disappointed that the beach did not look like Jersey Shore or the old TV show 'Bay watch', they said there were too many fat ugly people there !
    6. RevAnarchist
      Part two

      Ha ha ! TV has such influence! Hey if I come to France Paris is not a destination for me! I like the small towns, just like here in the states. Cities are fun only for a day or two! The people are more 'real' in small towns eh? Yes my great grandfather was a french national! Le monde est vraiment tout petit hein? J'espère que mon français est aussi bon que votre anglais est ! Mon grand père a insisté JE apprendre le langage de l'amour ha ha....

      Il m'a dit que lorsque j'ai moi-même grandi dans un homme les filles qui m'aiment plus si je parle français ... savoir quoi? Il a eu raison ! Grand père même dans son 80's seulement pensé que des filles et de bon vin. Well I better close for now and do battle with the terrorist lovers and other business of the day, bye Clarisse~
    7. clarisse150
      Israël must be a great country, but I'm never go one! I'm never go far, only in some country not far to France: Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg... And all the people who I have meet in this countries where speaking French... It wasen't very exotic!... I know some people who are go in Israël, they loved that. If you go to France, I hope I will see you! But I think you will go to Paris, not to Lyon; I can't speak a lot about my country as a tourist country, because I will not to be objectivize!... You've got French origins? I doesn't know! I'm happy to see we've got the same blood! God bless you so much my American friend <3! I'm so happy to know you!
    8. clarisse150
      Hi, Reva! Don't worry, you answer when you want, I'm always so happy to see your messages! My High School annoy me... I would go in the classe "Economic and Social" sector, but I can't with my level in maths, so, they have say that I will be better in the "Literary" sector for my good results in French and History... That annoy me because in my new sector, I must study a lot foreing langage... I'm bad at!... But, now, I will have a better English like that! My messages will be more understandable, it's make me happy! Thanks, you're so nice <3! You're welcome for your dog! Some dog live 20 years, you know! I hope your dog will have a long life to! Did your dog can make some baby?
    9. RevAnarchist
      Hi brother hillbilly! Man its been sick here, sick in a bad way. Nothing real serious, just a lot of little things that are driving me more nutty than I already am! I am getting mom one of those life alert things so I can be sure she is ok when I have to leave her. I hope we can get together soon, and yeah I have give Wuggs many pats on his old head and have told him about you. He too is wanting to go to the I would like to move there forever at times! take care my friend!
    10. RevAnarchist
      Hi clarisse,

      Sorry I have been away and unable to answer your VMs. I always smile when I see your name in my visitors message inbox. Your youthful enthusiasm is contagious! Ha ha, man high school!~ Some of the best years of my life were in high school. I envy you and by your writing I can tell you are going to do some wonderful exciting things soon! Thanks for your comments about my dog bogie. We have been through a lot in the 13 years we have been Pals, I just wish he could hang around another 13 years.

      I am not sure where I will go when I get the time for my Europe trip. I am torn between France and Israel. France because that is where my family originated and Israel because its where Jesus lived and died. God bless you and your beautiful country France, I am so happy to have made a new friend !
    11. HillBilly
      Hey RevA :-) glad that your Mom is feeling better . you hang in there , old buddy , we'll get our fishing trip in .

      give Wuggs a pat for me ,. HB
    12. clarisse150
      Ah, that's funy that your dog is French! I don't know a lot the race of dog, but I've ever see a lot of dog like you, there's a TV magazine in France who is called "Télé Z" and there's a dog similar to your one! Yes, "De Lanie" it look French! I've got a dog to; but I don't know his origins...! Thanks you, you're always so nice! God bless you very much! I hope see your front very soon!
    13. clarisse150
      Hi, Reva! I'm always happy to see you <3! Yes, High School! Well, that's not as in USA... In France, that's the "Lycée", that's great to, but there really less animation than in USA; and mine suck 'cause he's in suburb!... But I love that school! I think it will be more hard after, when I will have a job, etc... Ah, hat was a very important year for you! You're go to the army? It must be hard, that, no? You have ever make a war? I don't know a lot of women bachelor who had aproximately 30 years!... Well, I will looking at that! But the majority of the women who I frequent are more young! You're to nice! I love your country to! USA is great, and Americans people to! You will go where in France? I hope you will be enjoy to my country!
    14. RevAnarchist
      part one

      Hey Clarisse, nice to see your font ~ ha ha! Your PM’s always cheer me up! Oh, you are in high school? I am so envious! High School was the best of time, I sure do miss it and everything that went with it. That was so long ago but it seems like yesterday! I joined the US Army while in my last year of high school, got married the same year then divorced and was out of the Army, all in one year! (I rejoined the Army the army in that year as well!). Anyway I sure would like to visit France one day soon, perhaps you could introduce me by letter or e mail to some 30’ish (year old) French women eh? I have never had a French girlfriend, but I love the culture, the country and of course the accent!

      end of pt 1
    15. RevAnarchist
      pt 2
      You mentioned Bogie the basset hound. Yes he certainly has French blood in him, but the ‘La wuff’ thing was a ‘funny‘. By the way your, his Mother or father is from France. Bogie is a French basset, not a English Basset. His owner was named ‘DeLanie’ and spoke with a very heavy French accent. Hey gotta’ go for now I will write more soon. God bless yours and you and I will be thinking and praying for your continued success in school.

    16. RevAnarchist
      Hi Hillbilly! Everything is improving no worries. Mom is in her apt listening to her preacher on TV , Murry of the Shepard chapel. She is doing much better. How are things on your end?
    17. clarisse150
      A crash? My poor, that's sad!... I just hope it wasen't so hard for you!... It have hurt you a lot? You are a minister?! That's very great! That's one of my dream to get a job in politics, but that's very hard, I think! Well, you're right, you musn't deprive you to have a great life and to have lovers just for religion! I've got a friend who is very catholic and who said that we can do what you want, we just must believe, that's all! I hope she's right, because that's must easy like that!... I believe in God, but I don't pratice a lot!... Your dog is French? You've make me laght! That's because of the "la"? God bless you so much, and bless all you friend and you family <3! I always answer you soon as possible <3!
    18. clarisse150
      Hi, reva! 7 dollars? That's not a lot, isn't it? At the moment where there's not oil, it must be very horrible to live in Alaska, no one adventage! You're nice, with me <3! I had heard one TV that's Alaska's people where very nice, you are nice to <3! Yes, I'm in High school, now! It suck, and it's a little hard... All the teacher are sadist! Well, I don't hate it very much, at the moment, I've got a correct level, except in Maths, in Itlalian (My Italian is worste than my English, it's really horrible!), in English and in sport!... But, for the other, that's ok! Yes, I want stay at school a long moment for have a good job! I think that's the better choice! 'cause if you don't stay at school a lot, you must make an hard job!...
    19. HillBilly
      how's your Mom ?
    20. HillBilly
    21. HillBilly
      OMG , RevA , I just saw Tues post . Hope Mom is doing better , haven't heard anything from you last few days , of course , PF was fritzed again. I'll get right on the prayer request .
    22. RevAnarchist
      Hi Clarisse! So happy to see your font ha ha! You are always so cheerful and pleasant! God bless you. Well yes 60 dollars an hour is fantastic wages. Here in Tennessee a good wage is say 15 dollars an hour. The least one can make is about 7 dollars an hour, which I would starve on! Alaska has good years with much work and bad years with no work. When oil is high employment is high. When Oil is low you could not buy a job! Ha ha! I do miss the people or Alaska, they are like you friendly and happy. Oh you are a student? In high school or university? Maybe Middle school? I would advise staying in school as long as possible! I was a iron-worker, then a project manager for a long time putting myself through school and seeing the USA and world.

      Oops over the word limit I will continue below ;
    23. RevAnarchist
      I led a selfish life of parties and riding a motorcycle until I almost lost my life in a crash. It changed me and now I am a non preaching minister and own two humanitarian missions. Its difficult, but God provides a modest life for myself and my old dog bogie a basset hound...ha ha he is a French Basset hound! Really! When he barks he goes; La Woof! La wooof ! ha ha...Anyway the reason I don't preach is that life is still too full of temptations! I am a weak man ha ha, I love God but I love women too...I feel I should not preach if I am not going to live the life of a minster fully. Hey, take care Clarisse, PM me again soon?
    24. clarisse150
      Hi, Reva! You don't offend me, answer as you want, if you anwer, I'm always happy <3 ! I'm very fine, what about you? 60 dollars an hour? That's enormus! I don't understand why every the americans don't live in Alaska, now!... I doesn't know that the salary was different for the Stade, in the USA! But the Alaska is rich just for is oil, and that's to because there isn't a lot of inhabitant one to? In France, salary are similar everywhere! But I think that 20 dollars an hour is always very well! What's your job? Now, me, I always study, and that's suck very much. I'm eager to work! God bless you so much <3!
    25. RevAnarchist
      You can say that or say Marie, thanks Hillbilly I and she will be honored to have the power of prayer assisting her!
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