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Sep 30, 2012
    1. tresha
    2. tresha
    3. tresha
      Awww, bedtime already? :sleepy:..nite nite!
    4. tresha
      Gasp! [IMG]

      Blinketdy blinketdy blink! Gasp!
      You...you've passed me on the weekly tally for Rep points.
      :: tresh hangs head in defeat ::

      Good show and all that.
    5. tresha
      Oh yea! You smoke too!
      When I'm at home I don't have to go outside to smoke...but here at my friends nooooo. It's all, "but our son has asthma...."<---whiny voice. I say it'll toughen up his lungs, but they rarely listen to me on matters medical.
      If you'd quit being so (*)(*)(*)(*) funny, I'd quit laughing.
      Case in point, I rarely find myself laughing at G. Fa---nah...never mind....
      Need to draggggg my friend away from her hubby, 'cause friends don't let friends smoke alone.
    6. tresha
      gotta go smoke, brb...YOU ARE A RIOT!
    7. Joker
      O-Kaay. Don't bump my thread.
    8. Joker
      You got a reading problem? Now you will cut your finger while cutting the mold off the cheddar cheese in your frig. Don't bump the (*)(*)(*)(*)ing thread.
    9. Taomon
      Both. I did not know the name but the song was ringing through my ears. I watched The Kids Are Alright like 20 times. So I Googled it. I don't deserve the cookie, but I am proud to say that I was singing it as I Googled.

      And yeah, Moon was awesome.
    10. Taomon
    11. Taomon
      Beg my pardon sista. I did not read your profile before responding to you. That is completely my fault. But now that I have it straight I will make sure to remember it for the future.
    12. Taomon
      Cool! The only way to fly brother. By the way, love the avatar. Calvin & Hobbs were the greatest of all comic strips.
    13. tresha
      I kept your seat warm. You didn't vote for me. Poll's closed. I lost by three measly stinkin' rotten votes.
    14. tresha
      First off :below: and you tell *me* to speak "english darlink, english" okay then.
      Seondly,,,,where the hell you been?!
      Been sitting here for hours/days....just...waiting.....hoping....maybe she'll come back.
      Haven't bathed...barely eaten...
      Please go here...http://www.politicalforum.com/opinion-polls/62104-vote-forum-jester-72.html#post1058071
      and join in the fun!
      And if you haven't already...do go check out the thread you started about me having some fun atop the dusty car. (caption this or some such nonsense)
      Bye bye!
    15. REDRUM
      Yoo doan brang me flawrz...
      Yoo doan sang me lub sawngz...
      Yoo harlee tawk ta me innymo win ah kum troo da doh at da en ov da dai.
    16. Makedde
      Hello, I am the Mak that HT! speaks of, and I rock, just in case you didn't already know. I am queen of this forum, and hello to you. I think you'll be fun. :)
    17. TennesseeRain
      My weakness being that I am straight? Or that I have a bedtime? :D
    18. tresha
      You have a bedtime? Pfft. Amateur. Plus....I've spotted a weakness in your armor. Bwahhaaaaa! :evileyes:
    19. tresha
      I didn't think you were a sock per se...maybe a long lost twin...cousin...maybe one of my other personalities....
    20. tresha
      Okay, fess up.
      Who you really are? :evileye:
      Nobody this freakin' hilarious drops out of the internet sky and plops down this ready to play and have fun.
      You are a laugh riot.
    21. HT!
      I've noticed that when you go to your User CP, sometimes you have to hit your F5 key to refresh it. I haven't figured out why yet.

      They have their share of dead-ender, Bushidiots like any other political site, but the vast number of foreign posters, not being Bush fans, tend to dwarf their influence and presence on the site.

      A few things: there is a curse filter; the Mods are very lenient as to what you talk about (there are a few blatant racists trying to stir things up - keep an eye out for 'Louisiana Oilman'); you cannot directly insult or attack another poster, which is a nice rule!

      I like reading people from, say Australia, argue about an Australian issue, etc., like this thread:


      I had never heard of the guy, but he's a big story Down Under. So I broaden my horizens a bit, here. This thread was started by Mekedde, who is the forum leader in a very short time. She must post 24/7. She's very nice, AFAIK.

      There is an Oxymoron here, also - no parodox! :mrgreen:
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