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Jun 16, 2024 at 10:24 AM
    1. HT!
      Well, "every corner" is an exaggeration, But yes - Batman, Diyarbakir, Sinop, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Ankara, Adana, Tarsus, Mersin, Ceyhan, Istanbul, Çakmaklı, Izmit . . . I'm probably forgetting some. Never made it to Van. I would have loved to see the lake. Never made it to southwest area. Can't remember if I went to Bursa. I wasn't comfortable walking around far eastern Türkiye. Too Islamic, too Kurdish for me.
    2. Breath
      Every corner? That would be something more than "spending a bit time" here then! Have you been in eastern cities like Van, Hakkari, Mardin, Tunceli, Iğdır, Ardahan etc...

      I like İzmir btw, because of its rich history of Smyrna. And yes Eskişehir known by its meerschaum along with its foods :mrgreen:
    3. Breath
      I appreciate your compliments... I wish the no-lifer Turcophobes at least have visited our country and get to know some Turks. If you visited here for short time and fascinated with it already I can't even image what if you stayed long :mrgreen:

      So I'm assuming you're an American then. And yes you're right, if all Turks were well-informed we wouldn't have the current party elected by now. So what are your views? I'm pro-secularist, I support CHP and I can't stand those Ottoman wanna-bes. They can't even stand Ataturk, the founder of this nation.
    4. Breath
      Hey HT!, I just noticed your signature aswell as some of your posts... Do you live in Turkey by any chance? Or lived?
    5. HT!
      Howdy, Shanty! How have your travels been? I want another phone call, bro!
    6. Shanty
      Hola, Synth!

      I'm done with the kooks on DF and figured I'd pop in to say Hi since I still haven't gotten back to you on the phone.
    7. HT!
      (*)(*)(*)(*)! Food poisoning, maybe? Take care of yourself, girl!
    8. tresha
      I like hellcats!

      Am in the ER, awaiting an official "this bed for tresh-back the hell off" bed for my self in the "other" part of the hospital.
      Nothing about enhancing nothing--volunteer or otherwise.
      Got something wrong with my gut. :(
    9. HT!
      There's a brief 'hold' on your initial posts, until a Mod determines that you are not a sock/spammer/bot, etc. Then all will be normal.

      Good to see you!
    10. Shanty
      What's up dude? I posted a couple of times, and I'm trying to figure out the controls they have here. I like the international flavor of the board.
    11. HT!
      And is that pronounced KU-tay or ku-TAY?

      My name is David.

      Are you in Ankara? Istanbul? Sinop? Izmir? I've been just about everywhere in your country, and I absolutely love it! I hope to go back one day.
    12. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      No, it was only my nick :)

      My friends call me " Brat " so changed my nick :)

      My name is Kutay :)
    13. Turkic Brat
    14. HT!
      He should sign up as 'Don't Touch It' and use his motorcycle as his avatar! :mrgreen:
    15. TennesseeRain
      Are you kidding me? Not only is there any Oxymoron here, there is also Paradox! I will invite him here eventually, but he's got to come up with a different screen name.
    16. HT!
      Yeah, there is a 'waiting period', for the Mods to determine wether you are legitimate, or a sock puppet, spammer, or general troublemaker. You should be able to post, but some of the posts won't show up for a day. Then everything will be normal. Christopher signed up under the username Nine and Dolphy signed up and has made 1 post, I think. I'll PM you some other quirks.

      It's cool that you can give somebody 'reputation' points for making a good post - it's the scales at the top of each post. It cuts down on the board cheerleading, and is a nice feature. You also get credits for each post you make - I'm saving up for a Ferrari!

      I'm so glad you're here! Even if you don't like it, at least I have another buddy to PM if I get bounced from NU!

      I'm still not sure if this is private or not, so I'll PM anything else.
    17. TennesseeRain
      i'm here, but I can't post yet :)
    18. Agnapostate
      Yeah. I don't post there as much as here though, simply because it isn't logistically possible for me to do so.
    19. HT!
      Well, I got this, so I guess we've figured it out! It seems to be an instant messenger within the forum. We'll have to see if it's 'real time' when we are both online.
    20. Makedde
      It took me a while to figure it out too - your name comes up on my list, so it must have worked! If not, there's a little box above my name, click it then confirm, and it should go through.
      Don't worry, I had a hard time figuring out the same thing!
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