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Nov 7, 2012
Sep 11, 2009
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The Big Kahuna

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Nov 7, 2012
    1. justonemorevoice
      youre good to go on pp now.
    2. justonemorevoice
      lol, yep. its a dirty job too!
    3. justonemorevoice
      lmao. someone needs to check them.
    4. justonemorevoice
      are you hiding?
    5. justonemorevoice
      oh pooey, i missed you!
    6. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      ROFLMAO!!!! i can buy this sort of action.....
    7. Doc Dred
    8. justonemorevoice
      yah, i found it and replied.
    9. justonemorevoice
      where is that one? i missed it.
    10. justonemorevoice
      justonemorevoice fitting!
    11. justonemorevoice
    12. justonemorevoice
      youre gonna laugh. i was sitting on the couch and i couldnt hear the tv very well. (as per the last 2 months) i looked over and saw my nose spray. i thought, why the hell not? nothing else worked. i sprayed them in both ears and within about 4 minutes i hear this "koooooosh." ill be (*)(*)(*)(*)ed if it didnt work. LOL.
    13. justonemorevoice
      lidocaine shots? i didnt get no stankin' lidocaine with mine! no fair! lol.
    14. justonemorevoice
      all clear finally! wow, they epi'd you? hurts like hell, doesnt it?
    15. justonemorevoice
      how are you today?
    16. justonemorevoice
      no, i just went and bought some ear candles though. we will see if this works. im desperate.
    17. justonemorevoice
      doctor? with what? my hollywood good looks or my disarming charm? :P
    18. justonemorevoice
      actually i think my left ear drum may have burst. it was really really swollen and sore for a while then the pain was gone magically but i had some discharge come out.
    19. justonemorevoice
      bout the same...still have muffled hearing due to the crap in my head. today the earache is back. dang, i guess that means you cant work for a while, eh?
    20. justonemorevoice
      bk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you feeling?
    21. Doc Dred
    22. justonemorevoice
      hey you, where ya been?
    23. Foolardi
      Ginsberg is good,but overarrated.He was more an activist.Made name for himself by being photographed nude.Am quite famaliar with Bukowski.Mickey Rourke was spot on in - Barfly - where Matt Dillon was kinda slow but more deliberate as Bukowski in - Factotum - as Hank Chinaski.
      There's a good documentary on Bukowski.I may have seen 2,but I think one was- Bukowski:Born Into This -{2003}
    24. Foolardi
      Elvis was a Great American.AND a Republican.Was personally awarded some Federal Marshall status by Nixon,when Tricky Dick was in the White House.
      It was said,no american paid more in Taxes than did Elvis.He was also a G.I.Gave away Cadillac's to many a friend.Of course he also liked Peanut butter and banana sandwiches in bed.Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW talk radio and the guy who first started usin Obama's Middle name " Hussein " at a McCain rally,has a nice personal story he tells of meeting Elvis.He was literally broke and had to hitchhike from L.A. To Vegas in order to get relief money from his mom,back home in Cincy,thru a Western Union office in Las Vegas.He was tired hungry and walking down the stretch of desert highway.with his thumb out and no ride for a couple hours.A Big Limo pulled up and took him in.Cunningham was of college age and went to L.A. to attend a concert he got free tickets to.His plane got cancelled and he to get to vegas for the substitute connecting flight.
      A Man with a deep voice was in the back of the Limo,and didn't talk much.Cunningham,a big talker introduced himself to yes... The King.
      We need Presidents like Elvis,we do.
      Instead the doo-doo we gots now.
    25. Foolardi
      As a film buff,I couldn't even finish the Movie - Naked Lunch - starring Peter Weller.
      However Burroughs was really good in - Drugstore Cowboy -. I've read all of Kerouac's stuff and some letters written among his beat buddies,Burroughs and Ginsberg.Some really neat ones from Morocco.
      Kerouac was a HUGE Momma's boy.Shared many a rental property with his Mom.They never owned a home,I believe.Kerouac was always confounded by all his Artsy Fartsy rich friends { yes Burroughs was raised upper class} who openly disdained their parents.I can tell you why.Rich parents { especially the Country Clubbers } are extremely self-absorbed and find their way of life,far more important than any mere children.The end up treating their offspring like cattle.Usually sending off to boarding school
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