BS: women get lots of money for sexual harassment

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    The University of Michigan paid out $9 million in settlement money to 8 women who say they were sexually harassed by the chief academic officer of the school.

    That's over $1 million for each woman.

    This is ultimately taxpayer money that these women will be getting. Money that is not going to educating students.

    Yes, other officials in the university may be at fault for not doing anything, but who is paying for this compensation?

    Not to mention the fact that it is obviously grossly excessive.

    It seems progressives have a general mentality where they are looking for any excuse to hand out free money. Every injustice is an excuse to hand out tons of taxpayer money, and make some individuals win the proverbial lottery.

    You can't even argue you're "against inequality" if you support giving these women $1,125,000 each.

    This is asinine, absurd, insane, and it all stems from an entitled mentality that exists out there.
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