Fire And Water

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    The fire that burns in me today
    Will also burn in me tomorrow
    In all derangement and all sorrow
    Its shadows shall the walls display.

    Outside the opening of a cave
    Or out of the volcanic crater
    Is seen the truth of higher nature
    And everything that it may save.

    It is in everything that's true
    And also everything apparent -
    The sky, illumined and transparent,
    Alit in pink and white and blue -

    Reflects him as though through a prism
    And into multi-colored splednor
    The universal truth is rendered,
    Like lava bursting through the schisms.

    The fire that burns in me today -
    A spark of all-consuming plasma -
    Will percolate like a miasma
    Into the place where shadows play -

    Will burn the skin of all therein
    And fill their noses full of poison
    And make the place destroyed and noisome
    Until in cave they can't remain;

    But burst into the higher mind
    From higher mind to higher senses
    And as their spirit-form advances
    They see the sun, but go not blind -

    But burn through stone, through barren rock
    And smash and tear and rise to passion
    Shaking the earth like a concussion
    And time resetting like a clock.

    Water in heights; in water, heights -
    In heights of mind exists life's essence
    And in its gentle incandescence
    At truth of universe arrives

    In water, heights; and as its waves
    Engulf, carress the restless kernel
    Etheric merges with infernal
    To cleanse the confines of the cave,

    And send its members through the core -
    Into the ever-waiting heaven -
    And then return into the cavern,
    This to repeat forevermore.

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