GPS systems and cars and phone calls SD cards....

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties' started by hudson1955, Jan 18, 2019.

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    It seems to me that the Government or laws enforcement can spy on us because new cars have SD cards that likely store phone calls and locations. Especially using the GPS.

    Not to mention that the Government can basically spy on us if they claim we are a potentional terrorist without a legal warrant.

    Have you begun to realize they can basically do what they want?

    And, if you look at the stats on arrests and prosecution, you will see citizens forced into unfair plea bargains simply because they can not pay for a defense attorney or because most misdeamenor and non-jailable charges the attorney pushes a plea bargain rather than choosing to defend the individual in court.

    Besides, IMO, the current judicial system is so backwards that you are guilty till you can prove your innocence.

    Its the almighty dollar that rules our criminal system. Charging those on probation hundreds of dollars in various fees while knowing they can barely find a job due to probation visits, drug testing and court dates that always seem to be reset, making it hard to get a good job, one that pays enough to afford these fees. If your parents cant afford to help you, you will be jailed for breaking probation.

    What a racket.

    There is no privacy. There is no fair legal system. I could go on, but is so depressing.

    So the Pelosi and Schumer shut down over a pitence of money is so stupid. I truly dislike Socialist Democrats and Republicans that take away our right to live as we want.
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    I think its great that the government will fit GPS to my car for free. I hate driving so it will be nice to sit back and relax and get my car driven for me.

    It makes sence for them to log and know where your going and i have no problem with that. How else woyld they know what destination they aee driving you car too.

    I know the government are a collective of tge smartest people to ever walk tgis earth but they still haven't developed the technology to read minds yet.
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    Yep, and politics is hijacked,

    This means Americans must focus on the OTHER way to control government in America. State Citizens using constitutional law directly to control stayecthatvare then directed to amend in ways that necessarily alter or abolish gov destructive to unalienable right.

    The full legal process.

    CALIFORNIA BALLOT INITIATIVE-An optimized beginning.


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