Iraq: Internet switched off and 33 killed in protests accross major cities

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    Baghdad police were quick to open fire on protesters with live ammunition as the government shut down the internet to stop the flow of information.

    Anti-government demonstrators defied an around-the-clock curfew in Baghdad and other cities Thursday as Iraqi security forces used live ammunition and tear gas during a third day of unrest that has left 33 people dead, most of them protesters.

    Authorities cut internet access in much of Iraq since late Wednesday in a desperate move to curb the rallies. By Thursday afternoon, the curfew was extended to three other southern provinces.

    Middle East expert Jennifer Cafarella, with the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War, said the immediate and widespread use of force against protesters in multiple provinces demonstrates "that the security forces are overwhelmed by the volume and rate of spread" of the rallies.

    The protests began Tuesday and appeared to spread very quickly. The source of the protester's anger is economic more than political, though protesters are calling for the ouster of the current government.

    The latest violence began as sporadic protests earlier in the week with demonstrators demanding an end to government corruption, nationwide unemployment and a crippling lack of basic services such as electricity and clean water.

    Some of the protesters' demands include the "fall of the regime" and demonstrators have set government and political party buildings ablaze in two southern provinces.

    Because the internet has been shut off, it is unknown at this time how many protesters are dead.

    In this video clip you can hear gunshots which cause a large mass of protesters to turn and run:
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