Let's see those chicken coops

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    Here is my setup. The coop and the pen are mated together. Both have wheels and can be moved and remated. The coop is 4x8 and the run is 8x12. I designed it for 12 birds. I have 8 laying hens and I have just bought 2 chicks and 2 ducklings. The coop has a secure section for the littles with a ramp for access to grazing beneath the coop when they are old enough to go up and down the ramp. When the littles are old enough I will open the door between the 2 sections so they can mingle with the old hens. I don't have any current pictures of the hens, but they are roaming the yard.


    This grazing area in the pen is for when I have problems with predators. I leave the doors open during the day to let the hens roam the yard. They put themselves up at dusk.


    This is the littles area with my ducklings and chicks standing on the trap door to below. The nesting buckets are in the background and the roosting area is above.


    Here is my setup for the littles. You see their feed and water. The bucket in the right corner is the Mama Heating Pad. They can get in the bucket and get warm under the heating pad or get out if they get too hot.


    Let's see your setups.

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