Modern Jews have tiny genetic link to ancient Israel

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    European and American Jews who colonized part of the Middle East have very little claim to “Israeli” land based on actual lineage, as noted by this blog entry:

    I took the DNA test and it came back as British Isles, and Eastern European Jewish and some minor ant of something, but nothing from Israel or the Middle East. How can I be a Jew with no connection to where all Jews originate from?

    A reply noted:

    The markers of this mixed European-Middle Eastern population [Ashkenazi Jews] are different (although with slight overlap) than those associated with populations that have remained in the Middle East.

    As most Jewish ancestry searches reach a dead end in Europe, that “slight overlap” is a rather tenuous link. Most Jews from America and Europe can claim to be from the Tribe of Israel as much as Elizabeth Warren can claim to be from the Tribe of Navajo, and maybe less so.


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