More infrastructure service delivery.

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    In the beginning of the revolutions and after the world wars, there was a lot of focus on infrastructure service delivery. today, we have slacked off on this path and 'mission.'

    If we were to want to make more funding available for this sort of thing, we could look at the state's budget first. last year, i found in my country the budget could have been halved and serviced everyone to a great degree for the whole year, yet there was, as always, a deficit. those funds are made available for existing upkeep and running, so i will not be asking for more to be put aside for this venture, but, rather i will try to make funds available with alternative means.

    So, if we want to make funds available, first we have to admire money. if the state was to put all of it's funds into commercial banks, they would earn interest on it, yes? this would see the stock markets get much more busy and then the stock markets would yield more dividends, which means more taxes coming in, of course.

    ~ Can you see how with my example there is a continuous cycle of more? this is capitalism at work.

    If we want to make more money with a new idea though, we need to observe that money cannot just be made, as then everything will just go up in price as there will be more for everyone. if the state was to borrow money from a commercial bank, they could build the infrastructure they will need for the next five years, in the form of hospitals i think is the most neglected sector today, and then pay it back by buying the bank. this would be where they borrow a few billion from a commercial bank, and then they simply buy the bank with all it's accounts and such and wipe away their own debt - where did it go? only the bank knows, and, the bank is now owned by the state, yielding dividends as part of the reserve, of course.

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