Norwegian lawmaker nominates Hongkongers for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

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    1. A Norwegian member of parliament has nominated the people of Hong Kong for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize, saying that it was to encourage the international community to support the city’s fight for freedom of speech and democracy, symbolised by the ongoing protests initially sparked by the now-withdrawn extradition bill.

    Guri Melby, 38, an MP from Oslo and a Liberal Party politician, announced the nomination on Tuesday night....

    “I realise that the government of Hong Kong has tried to paint protesters as violent hooligans, but my impression from the streets of Hong Kong is that these are ordinary people, protesting against a city government bent on curtailing their freedoms,” said Melby who visited Hong Kong last month.....

    2. When Sun Zhong-shan (孫中山), the founding father of modern China, signed his name in English, he used Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙), as his native language was Cantonese. If he is still alive today, it won't come as a surprise for him to ask Guri Melby, "你有冇有搞錯? (Cantonese pronunciation: "Lei yao moh yao gao chuo?" meaning "Are you okay?" or "What’s wrong with you?"

    If Guri Melby is sincere in her actions and thoughts, she should accompany the Hong Kong police all the while to witness with her own eyes the destruction, vandalism, arson and violence committed by the black-clad, masked ninjas of Hong Kong.

    3. At the present rate of destruction, vandalism and arson by the brutal rioters, Hong Kong may end up like Syrian city of Raqqa, completely in ruins with clouds of flies swarm around rubble. It may also return to its initial condition of a swampy malarial type diseased island of the 1840s.

    Hongkongers’ interest in emigrating has jumped fourteen fold as the four-month long anti-government protests show no signs of ending, and many are selling their property before the housing market deteriorates further to finance their move, according to Midland Immigration Consultancy.

    As for the ruthless and treacherous protest leaders, they certainly have no worry at all as they are guaranteed asylum by their powerful foreign patrons if it comes to the crunch. The majority of poor in Hong Kong will likely end up as "boat people" -- like the Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam by boats and ships following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

    Anyone who regards vandals and arsonists as "angels of peace" definitely needs a mental checkup. :smile:
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