Peter Navarro -- Trump's idol and comrade-in-arms

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    1. The so-called trade war took on an overtly religious tone when Trump openly declared himself as the "Chosen One" to launch the trade war against China. What deities will China invoke for help? Will it be the Buddha or the Jade Emperor?

    Even if God is not willing to be drawn into the conflict, Trump already has a "super being" in his team. Imperial Russia had a powerful and influential guy called Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin ( 1869 – 1916). Similarly, Trump's America has "a carbon copy of Trump’s" by the name of Peter Kent Navarro.

    2. Peter Kent Navarro ( born July 15, 1949 ) is an American economist who currently serves as the Assistant to the President, and Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. Originally serving as a Deputy Assistant to the President, and Director of the White House National Trade Council, a newly created entity in the executive branch of the U.S. federal government, until it was folded into the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, a new role established by executive order on April 29, 2017. He was a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine.

    Navarro's views are significantly outside the mainstream of economic thought, and he is generally considered a heterodox economist. A strong proponent of reducing U.S. trade deficits, Navarro is well known as a critic of Germany and China and has accused both nations of currency manipulation. His views on trade are widely considered fringe and misguided by other economists.

    3. As a reality TV star, US President Donald Trump's catchphrase was "you're fired". In his White House, Trump's penchant for pushing out senior staff and cabinet officials has resulted in the highest turnover in any presidential administration in four decades.

    However, Navarro is still alive and kicking ever since he joined Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016. He is the director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP), an office established within the White House Office by US President Donald Trump by Presidential Executive Order 13797 on April 29, 2017. The OTMP is the first office established within the White House Office by a US president in American history, apparently for Navarro's sake. Hence, we can see how powerful and influential Navarro is in the Trump administration.

    “They’re two peas in the pod, I’m telling you,” Beckie Mann, who managed Navarro’s unsuccessful bid for mayor of San Diego, told Politico magazine while comparing Trump and Navarro.

    You can find all the same accusations Trump hurls at China in Navarro's books. Using an analogy, Navarro is the architect holding aloft the banner of trade war. As long as the banner flying high, you will know the trade war is raging. If you won't see the banner anymore in the distance, you will know that Trump has finally purged the Navarro craps from his brain or told his buddy, "You're fired." :clapping:

    4. One of the famous quotes of Sunzi, the famous ancient Chinese philosopher who wrote the “The Art of War” about 2,500 years, is “Know yourself, know your enemy. A hundred battles a hundred victories.”

    It is high time for China to know more about the Rasputin of Trump's America. For those Chinese who have never heard of Rasputin, they will understand Navarro's important role in Trump's America when they recall the power and influence of some notorious eunuchs in ancient China, particularly Wei Zhongxian of the Ming Dynasty.

    5. Peter Navarro doesn’t want you to buy toys that were made in China, because he believes they’ll poison your children. He doesn’t want you to buy pajamas sewn in China, because he thinks they could catch on fire. He doesn’t want you to buy phones that were assembled in China, because he believes they could explode and kill you. In fact, he doesn’t want you to buy anything at all from China, because he thinks every dollar the country receives will be spent on trying to destroy the US.

    Navarro isn’t the disheveled eccentric you might find lurking on the fringes of a political demonstration, eagerly trying to stuff handmade pamphlets about the perils of globalization into your palm. He’s one of the most powerful economic officials in the Trump administration....

    But they have more in common than you’d think — indeed, Navarro’s personality has been described by people close to him as a carbon copy of Trump’s....
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