Sea-level rise threatens Virginia too!

Discussion in 'Environment & Conservation' started by Colonel K, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Norfolk, in particular..

    " ...Republican leaders (very few of whom accept global warming is both real and man-made) and Democratic ones have come together to craft a policy on global warming.
    That’s probably because Virginia is more vulnerable to storm-surge destruction than anywhere else on the US’s east coast. Problems are particularly acute in Norfolk, Virginia’s second-biggest city and home to the world’s largest naval base; sea levels there are now 14.5 inches (37 cm) higher than they were in 1930—so high that parts of Norfolk flood when the moon is full. Sea levels are rising faster there than anywhere else along the coast, due to the vagaries of ocean currents: ..."

    " ...But these nightmare scenarios aren’t confined to Virginia alone; they’re very much a national-level threat. Coastal counties generate just under half of US GDP and support tens of millions of jobs. In the 18 states that abut the Atlantic, the insured value of residential and commercial property totals $10.6 trillion; New York and Florida account for $2.9 trillion apiece. Whether leaders in other states can put aside partisan differences and follow Virginia’s lead, however, is another question."

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    Every cubic meter of ocean water that is desalinated and added to the water table of a nation with lots of desert....... will not end up on top of Norfolk, Virginia!

    We might be able to link a plan for peace between Jordan and Israel with a plan to turn the deserts of Jordan green..... which would be good news for parts of Virginia...…

    I personally think that what Dannion Brinkley was shown regarding a peace deal between Jordan and Israel during one of his two near death experiences has a lot of potential......and I feel that God's Peace Plan for the Holy Land as well as The Engagement Movement began by Mr. Tsvi Misinai could be the catalysts that would make a Jordanian and Israeli deal possible?!

    I go into the theory here:



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