Sigmund Ivarsson's Petra Project for Israel, Jordan and The Palestinians.

Discussion in 'Middle East' started by DennisTate, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Your Jordon thing seems based on two basic principles that I do not believe can be justified.

    First is the notion that nations are for sale. I know of no case where an offer like that of Jordon was accepted by a country anywhere.

    Next is the idea that you can't talk to President Abbas. That can not be supported. Let's remember that the IDF works closely with Abbas and states that Abbas is their primary partner in peace. The IDF has allowed Abbas more force in keeping control of violence in West Bank. But, the fact remains that Abbas can not operate in significant portions of West Bank where his people are having their land, property, water rights, etc. stolen. What SHOULD be impressive is that there is so little violence in West Bank. And, as for Gaza, Israel prevents Abbas from operating there, insisting on leaving Gaza to Hamas - an organization that Abbas has proven he can control if given the opportunity.

    And, let's stay away from this idea of finding evil historic individuals. Every nation including our own has had members of government who have committed inexcusable acts of self aggrandizement, etc.

    If you have a charge against the current leadership, then state it.
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    I admit that President Abbas is
    a far better leader than President Arafat.

    Thank you for this comment..... your ideas are quite encouraging........ but on the practical level I do believe if the two nations of Israel and Jordan can come to an agreement that is win - win - win - win win....... then once they put that agreement together.......

    President Abbas would then have something specific to go to his people with......

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