SPS COMMERCE is a fulfillment Scam for businesses today

Discussion in 'Economics & Trade' started by Quadhole, May 10, 2019.

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    There was a day when you placed an order for a product, and it shipped to the retail customer. No more, now, all the big box stores are crushing the small business owners to force them to sell out to the giants.
    Now you have to pay thousands of dollars for software and continually growing monthly fees just to sell to the retailer. Thus, you are stuck increasing your prices which are passed onto the small consumer.
    150$ a month just so that the emails are processed.
    When you people complain about the pricing, blame walmart, Amazon, etc. they force businesses to do this so they dont have to hire. Then, they spend thousands of dollars to create their OWN google type review sites. Go look up SPS commerce google review as a business ! There isnt one, this is how they skirt opinions, then you can find them on getapp review, and other paid for site. You cant leave a review without leaving your business name and personal name, thus, you leave a bad review, they stop your fulfillment. It is communism hidden in our democracy and the rich do it to control YOU !

    You should wonder if this even stays up here as these people may be part of it. Or, they get threatened to take it down or get sued. Amazing, you cheer on Trump as your hero, and he is a part of these twisted deregulations to help ONLY the rich, not you
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    I'm sorry, I don't understand exactly what your post is about. You did not word things the most clearly.

    Who is 'you', who is 'the retail customer', and how does that have anything to do with big box stores crushing small business owners?

    You said 'you have to pay thousands of dollars'. Who is that 'you' ?
    Is that the same 'you' as in the first sentence? I've never had to pay thousands of dollars for software.
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