Thoughtless WTC Conclusions

Discussion in '9/11' started by Kokomojojo, Mar 2, 2019.

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    as it 'poured' down the shaft, tell us how that happens, how do you get a fireball from pouring a fuel that is hard to light down a shaft.
    Not so, not in a crowded real world.
    Oh yes I do!
    Show me pictures of everything that was damaged so I can see if there was enough damage to cause a failure. What fires in WTC2?.
    I did better I posted a video clip of high explosives several times and you conveniently pretend nothing has been posted.
    I'm sure you believe that. LOLOLOL
    You dont know that is what happened. Oh, think you do? Post dont and stop vanishing everytime I ask for your evidence.
    but the fires had mostly went out in wtc 2 because the sprinklers were working
    I missed nothing.
    again I missed nothing you failed to respond to my rebuttal. 'again'
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    Sorry but that's not my agenda, you are thoroughly confused. Despite reading hundreds of my posts and posting exactly what my agenda is, even one very recent post, it seems you're still clueless.

    There's no forensic/physical evidence supporting the OCT. That's a fact. Without this evidence your belief in the OCT is fantasy. Both the 9/11 Commission and NIST skipped that step in their "investigations", remember?

    Cute childish cartoon but cartoons are for children. Aren't you past grade school? Cartoons do nothing to support an argument, in fact , they do just the opposite.

    I post what I want to post, not what you dictate I should post. As often posted, my objective is not to try to support every theory out there. That the 3 towers were demolished via controlled demolition is the only possibility left when no one can prove any other cause. And that's because only controlled demolition is fully capable of totally destroying those 3 towers in the manner they were destroyed. That's been proven many times in the real world. No other possible known cause can accomplish that. No other cause has ever been shown to do that in any possible way. It's simple deductive reasoning and common sense. Try it sometime.

    Deductive reasoning and common sense are 2 forms of universally accepted logic, whether you like it or not.
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