Trump called for complete shutdown of Muslims in America

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    1. …..Donald Trump is largely to blame. He called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the country until it became clear that the proposal was embarrassingly ill-conceived, only to be replaced by the equally vague “extreme vetting”. He fought publicly with the Gold Star Khan family, suggesting Ghazala Khan was not “allowed to speak” at the Democratic convention because of her Muslim faith. He accused Muslim Americans as a group of harboring terrorists....

    ....Such is his style of leadership: he may insult you, but he still wants your vote.

    Not so with the Muslims.....while attempting to engage every other constituency, Trump’s campaign has made essentially zero public outreach to the Muslim electorate. It’s as if Muslim citizens already don’t exist in Trump’s America....

    2. ....The anger from Trump’s decision “will lead to what is called terrorism,” the 93-year-old Mahathir told a protest rally in front of the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

    “Today we have an international bully. Trump, go find someone your own size. This (Jerusalem plan) will only stir the anger of the Muslims,” said Mahathir...

    “We must use all our power to oppose this villain who is the president of the US,” he said, urging all Muslim countries to cut ties with Israel...

    3. It is the greatest joke of the century that the Great Anti-Islamic Emperor of America is alleging that China is discriminating against Muslim minorities. It is a classic example of a thief shouting "thief" to distract attention after stealing from his victims. :smile:
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    Sorry, still nowhere close to what China has been doing.

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