US lawmakers and companies urged to stand up to China

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    1. WASHINGTON — Hong Kong singer and activist Denise Ho wants U.S. lawmakers and companies to criticize Beijing's actions in Hong Kong, to help change the Chinese Communist Party's behavior.....

    Ho will testify with Joshua Wong, secretary-general of Hong Kong's Demosisto party and leader of the "Umbrella Movement," and other activists in Congress on Tuesday at an event hosted by the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC)…..

    2. The actions of those Hongkongers urging punitive measures from China's foes are reminiscent of the treachery of traitors or collaborators [汉奸 (Cantonese pronunciation: "hon gan")] with Japanese invaders during World War II.

    Another apt description for those shameless people is the Chinese phrase 忘本 (Cantonese pronunciation: "mong boon") meaning "to forget one's roots or ancestral origin".

    3. It is quite laughable that those people seem to know little about world affairs. To urge the US lawmakers to stand up to China or rather, punish China, is like teaching a wolf how to eat a lamb. :knifefork:

    Perhaps one day if an individual or a company finds it profitable to create a computer game out of my conception of "The Trade War", those people can satisfy their treacherous instincts by playing the role of the "Psycho" to extract all the victim's teeth, gouge out his eyes, flay him alive, harvest his organs, etc.

    P.S. I have to take off my hat to them if they dare to urge the natives to stand up to their American master during their testimony to Congress on Tuesday.
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