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Aug 28, 2010
    1. Joey_Sac
      You have made a wise move to stay out of the threads about criminal illegal aliens and their anchor babies, (AKA fake citizens). Like most countries on planet earth deportation is the best answer.

      America can not afford to provide education, health care, and welfare to the tune of $113 BILLION a year on criminal illegal aliens and their anchor babies, (AKA fake citizens) who are law breakers and free-loaders.
    2. mertex
      I was able to get on! What a surprise!
    3. RevAnarchist
      Oops another drive by accident! Or maybe I am covertly doing espionage ie lurking?
    4. RevAnarchist
      Never mind I came here by accident! Budda budda bye...
    5. mertex
      Look up above, where it says contacts, it will show "send a private message to Mertex".
    6. mertex
      You'll have to use Private messaging.
    7. mertex
      You can handle it! May be interesting, LOL!
    8. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Please send me a private message and a link to what you are inquiring about. I will not reply to visitor messages. I always reply to members.
    9. RevAnarchist
      You go hillbilly! I love this site where moderators are not afraid to moderate against the enemies of the state in a fair and *cof* moderate method! Hang in there HB! ra
    10. castor
      Me too. I almost bust out. LOL
    11. mertex
      Very good! I don't understand the way cons see things - they always picture them where they win. You see that even in the posts - they pat themselves on the back and claim victory, even when they don't even know what they are talking about. It's perplexing.
      Hadn't see you around - wondered if you had quit! I'm like trying to post on all three forums. The old PP, the new PE and this one! Whew! I need a life! LOL!
    12. castor
      I got one too. You are right about the bias. This site should be named tattle-tail.
    13. mertex
      Hey Friend - Haven't seen you around in a while. Did you go to the new PP? Just wondering. Hope you're staying out of trouble - me, well I've gotten like two warnings in one week! Gee! They must be watching me.
    14. justonemorevoice
    15. HillBilly
      Castor , I can roll with that ,,, NO Problem on my end... I believe we have achieved an understanding that will serve us both well...

      I will continue being an " ass " and you will continue calling me an " ass " ,,,,

      and at the end of the day , well , we'll just smile a warriors smile and patch each other up.

      As far as a hunting trip goes , well , I haven't shot a deer or anything else while hunting since my Dad passed away in 1994 , just a personal thing , ya know ??? I have guided other people to some good spots and let them hunt , but I've not shot anything my own self... but I have bought my liscense every year....

      Now , I'd be happy to take you on a Wilderness Trip back in the Shinning Rock Wilderness Area , but I've got some health issues that I'm dealing with , so it'll have to be next year.... I'd love to get back in that high country on the Blue Ridge Parkway again , it's do me good and help me too... : )

      and , NO , you won't have to worry about being shot when you get up to go "pee"...

      It looks real bad for a 'guide' to shoot his client , and where we'll be going , we're not likely to see anyone else but a lost hiker , and I promise not to shoot them... ok ???

      However , no one comes into my camp but what I know about it 5 minutes before hand.

      That's called an electronic infra-red surveilance trip wire , and it's just a trick I've me an edge...

      I always have an edge , always ..... : )
    16. HillBilly
      Castor , we may not see eye to eye , and maybe we just got off on the wrong foot , it happens...PF is like a large Family , and nobody agrees on everything... ya know ?

      My style of writting a lot of people find very beligerrant and antagonistic , and I freely admit that I rub a lot of people the wrong way , but I have always believed that plain talk is easy understood , and I'm the same way in real life , and it's caused me more than a few black eyes and cracked ribs...

      but ya know , Castor , the one thing that no-body can say about me is that I ever was too timid to stand up for what I believe and be counted... : )

      now , Castor , I think that maybe we can do better with our posts , and I'll meet you half-way if you'll do the same by me... that's fair , ain't it ???

      Not asking you to agree with me or back down from what you believe , just saying that we can disagree with honor and dignity , and I'm sure we'll butt heads many times over many different issues , and that's ok ,,,

      but I am what I am , and I'm too (*)(*)(*)(*) old to change now , so we'll either learn to get along or we'll both wind up being banned on PF... cause I don't take lightly being called a liar , a murderer , a KKK racist , or mentally deranged , but I'm gonna let it slide , ok ?

      I'm doing it for one reason , on a former website , I became embroiled in a very bitter and vicioius fight with a fellow poster , and we came to absolutely hate and despise eachother , so much so that it affected my health , and I swore that I'd never go through that again.... it was that bad , Castor was that bad...

      Flounder was there , maybe you might want to PM Flounder about it sometime...

      Flounder and I go way back , he one of my oldest and dearest friends , and one of the finest men I have ever had the privelidge to meet... and you would do well to make a friend of him on PF... he's smart , he's fair , he's wise , and he's a good and genuine person....

      Whatever you may think of me , well , maybe I deserve some of it....

      But don't hold it against Flounder , ok ??? He's a good man... true and a stand-up guy..
    17. Mayerling
      I really enjoy your postings.
    18. HillBilly
      I don't see you as lasting long on PF...

      time will tell....
    19. castor

      Would you help me with something please? I am unable to figure out how to start another thread. There seems to be no way to do it on my screen. Am I not allowed to start a second thread until this one finishes?

      Cheers :)
    20. dhdqh
      i am enjoying the discussion but i don't want to irritate to many by getting 'off topic'....

      in response to a couple of things......i don't have any problem with free enterprise and i think that's a whole different topic than military security....although i guess you could say that threats to economic security lead to the need for military security....

      my bolding wasn't necessarily to speak louder or not whisper or what not....just to distinguish my comments from the others as i can't figure out another way......i guess i'm not in tune with what everything 'means'.....guess that's a problem with non-verbal communication....hard to decipher the real intent of a comment...

      i'll have to go back and look at what all you commented on...
    21. castor
      Yeah, I do. On the night dubya gave his 'I am a war president' speech I tuned in late. It looked so contrived and phony the way he kept repeating he was a war president that I was convinced it was a spoof using a look-alike. When I learned at the end that it was the real dubya in a real interview, I was horrified.
    22. dhdqh
      i don't think the invasion of kuwait helped them any down the road but i can't argue in defense of the second invasion.....those are hard things to judge in retrospect....if i was president and suspected a country had biological weapons or nuclear weapons with the intent to plan attacks on US facilities or US soil i would have to certainly consider action....would have to have hard evidence's still hard to justify while iran and north korea continue to develop advanced weapon although they have bigger dogs standing behind's also hard to justify with what was going on in afghanistan at the time and what that has now led to...

      Do you really think GB really desired to be a war president????
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