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May 12, 2009
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Oct 19, 2019
    1. prospect
      Hello Mr.Freeware ... :)
    2. thebrucebeat
      Thanks for taking up the gauntlet regarding Incorporeal. I went for pages with him, and finally lost it and got kicked out. My bad, but I got to the point I couldn't take it.
    3. Leo2
      Hey, thanks for the credits, you won't believe this, but I only just discovered the credit section. So only like over a year late with my thanks. LOL!

    4. cassandrabandra
      I agree - it is absolutely marbelous!
    5. shock treatment
      shock treatment
      lol OK awesome.. We were arguing over viruses mutating vs. evolving but I was lacking knowledge. You and grasping did well in informing me and I finally got it.. lol :)
    6. shock treatment
      shock treatment
      Hey man, I hope we're cool dude. I don't disagree with you on the virus thing anymore, I just didn't get it fully at the time of our discussion. (micro evolution) I had some pre- conceived ideas in my head at the time. Peace to you.
    7. The specialist
      The specialist
      Thanks Freeware, You too. I been gone for awhile but I get a break now.
    8. jedimiller
      Hi are the atheists behaving around there? as I was away I noticed DOC having to defend himself over and over again..and you helping out. are you still an atheist of have you joined Jesus in the quest?
    9. Think Blue Count One Tow
    10. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thanks Freeware. The rep meant alot to me coming from someone I so fiercely debated for months...LOL.

    11. The specialist
      The specialist
      How are you Freeware ? It's good to see you online. This place is always a hell of allot funner with you on it.. I like your one liners, they are especially creative and to the point. LOL
    12. The specialist
      The specialist
      Hey Freeware,Good morning ...
    13. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      looking forward to more lols...i'm my biggest fan...if you lived inside this head and with no sense of humour you would go bonkers...i have a good lol at meself daily...
    14. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      no hard feelings...i mean i can't buy a set up like that...
    15. The specialist
      The specialist
      Merry Christmas Freeware,I hope you have a good holiday and a great new year dude...
    16. cassandrabandra
    17. FreeWare
      Don't we all, Jedimiller. Don't we all.
    18. jedimiller
      jedimiller make some good efforts, but miss the overall point.
    19. HillBilly
      Thank you , my new friend , for your understanding of my efforts.. : )
    20. The specialist
      The specialist
      Freeware,you are a respectful person.I wish all atheists were more like you and I wish all Christians lived up to the non judgmental ways they are supposed to live up to.Then our world would be a powerful,knowledgeable place far beyond what it is now.Everyone has something to offer..... AIC
    21. FreeWare
      The Specialist, atheism denotes an absence so there's nothing really to shoot at :)
    22. The specialist
      The specialist
      Freeware,please do not mistake my discussion on the satanism stuff as a shot at atheism,It started out as a joke and I am just playing as I know you to be a cool person so - Peace bro
    23. flounder
      Thank you FreeWare most kind of you. Seems simple to me really.
      Have a nice day
    24. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Could you kindly explain your post in "Is God Evil"? I am confused about it. Thank you.
    25. FreeWare
      Thanks Fish. It's a mutual thing, though.
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