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Jun 13, 2015
    1. Felicity
      Prospect, I appreciate that very much. I am not, and was not, offended. I have been on boards a pretty long time, and I too have said things that I have later felt the need to apologize for. I've also had some pretty awful things said to me. I don't really get angry about it anymore. Ocasionally, I still slip and I get a tad snarky too. I also apologize if I said anything you found offensive. I appreciate that you are a Christian sister in Christ, and I too wish you His peace. Thank you for reaching out. God Bless.
    2. rstones199
      Hello Mr Prospect (:
    3. OverDrive
      Remember the opening to sin in the garden is when the Devil spoke, "Did God really say...." We as Christians need to hold fast to the scripture, "Guard your hearts & minds in Christ Jesus." Keep your eyes on your 1st love...OD
    4. submarinepainter
      nice day today homie!!
    5. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Hey, sorry I am late at getting back to you. Things are slowly getting better. My computer crashed so I finally bought a new HP. I have been like a kid with a new toy by golly!!!

      Hope you are doing well:)
    6. submarinepainter
      Hi there fellow Mainer !! I am from Westbrook! If I can assit you in any way let me know!
    7. B.Larset
      That is so kind of you to say I am flattered! I just do it for our amusement and enjoyment. The reason I post some of it with the music I wrote it to, is that does to some extent influence the way I wrote it. The mucic has nothing what so ever to do with the poetry. I simply want the reader to have as close an experience as I had writing it. The Videos , Music kinda help do that I hope. Again thank you so very much, your so kind.
    8. RevAnarchist
      Thank you my friend.
    9. cassandrabandra

      I am fine. just down in the bush, very busy and with a very slow connection so not on line much.

      hope all is well with you. :)
    10. Neutral
      Well, apparently it is a bannable offense to call someone a liar, with evidence of them lying, ina forum about calling people liars. However, 22 pages of that person calling you a liar (and many others), as well as bigot, and a few other choice words .... that is fine.

      What exactly are we supposed to be careful about?
    11. OverDrive
      Thx. Looks like you've been 'holding down the fort' here in the Religion section pretty much by yourself! I'm only good for a week or 2, and have to leave all the negativity behind and move on. Like I've said, I have no interest in 'debating,' but just presenting scriptural truths with some reasoning, and backup for followup, B4 moving on to greener pastures. Keep up the good works..OD
    12. B.Larset
      Thank you! How are you? I hope everythings ok.
    13. B.Larset
      yahoo Images Unkown Artist
    14. prospect
      No problem, I was always wondering if Paul's scripture on the order of Church and women applied to women of today and you answered that perfectly. Thank you
    15. OverDrive
      Thx for da rep. You do a good job of holding ppl's (and my) feet to the fire and keeping everything up-and-up! Keep up the good works..OD
    16. cassandrabandra
      I like your approach. you are thghtful and respect people. This is the most important prerequisite for discussing any differences we may have in a civil manner ... and of course, we may find our differences of opinion are very minor indeed.
    17. B.Larset
      I am ok. Thank you for answering my message. May I add you as a friend? Do you post in the music thread? Please feel free to PM me if you want. Did you introduce yourself to the forum? It is up to you ; but it is a great way to meet some of the people that make the forum a better place by their being here.Thank you.
    18. B.Larset
      Hello. How are you?
    19. Incorporeal
      Good to see you here tonight also.
    20. daisydotell
      Hello Prospect and welcome to the forum. You can contact an advisor or Moderator if you have any questions or need help.
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